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Ashutosh Gowariker wrote, made, and directed the 2004 Indian Hindi-language drama film Swades (transl. Homeland). Shahrukh Khan, Gayatri Joshi, and Kishori Ballal star in the film, which also features Daya Shankar Pandey, Rajesh Vivek, and Lekh Tandon in supporting roles, as well as Makrand Deshpande in a cameo appearance. The film was considered ahead of its time when it was released, and it earned universal critical acclaim. It is now regarded as a Hindi cinema cult classic.

The film was said to be influenced by two episodes of the Zee TV series Vaapsi’s Yule Love Stories (1993–95), which starred Gowariker. The Kannada novels Chigurida Kanasu by K. Shivaram Karanth and Bapu Kuti by Rajni Bakshi are said to have inspired the story of the lead role setting up a micro-hydroelectric project to generate electricity. 

  1. R. Rahman composed the music and background score, while Javed Akhtar wrote the lyrics. The film was released in theatres on December 17, 2004, to a flurry of positive reviews, with critics praising Khan’s performance, story, screenplay, and music. It was dubbed as Desam in Tamil and released on January 26, 2005, which happened to be Republic Day. Red Chillies Entertainment owns the film.


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Mohan Bhargava (Shahrukh Khan) is an Indian who works at NASA in the United States as a Project Manager for the Global Precipitation Measurement (GPM) program. Mohan came to America for college studies and stayed after his parents died in an accident in India. He is constantly concerned about Kaveri Amma (Kishori Ballal), a nanny who looked after him as a child at his home in Uttar Pradesh. Kaveri Amma moved to an old age home in Delhi after his parents died, and she lost touch with Mohan. Mohan wishes to travel to India and return to the United States with Kaveri Amma. He takes a few weeks off and travels to India after the recent success of Phase I of his project. When he arrives at the old age home, he discovers that Kaveri Amma has moved to a village called Charanpur a year ago. After that, Mohan plans to visit Charanpur, Uttar Pradesh. 

Mohan decides to rent a recreational vehicle to get to the village because he is concerned that he will not be able to find the required amenities there. When he arrives in Charanpur, he meets Kaveri Amma and learns about his childhood friend Gita (Gayatri Joshi), who took Kaveri Amma to live with her after her parents died. Gita runs a school in Charanpur and works tirelessly to improve the villagers’ living standards through education. The village, on the other hand, is largely divided by caste and religious beliefs. Gita is displeased with Mohan’s arrival because she believes he will take Kaveri Amma to the United States, leaving her and her younger brother Chikku alone. Kaveri Amma informs Mohan that she has the duty of getting Gita married first. Gita is a strong supporter of women’s empowerment and gender equality. This draws Mohan to Gita, and he joins her in her efforts to support her by advocating for education in underserved communities and among girls. 

Slowly, but steadily, Mohan and Gita fall in love. Kaveri Amma instructs Mohan to travel to Kodi, a nearby town, and collect money from a man named Haridas who owes Gita money. The story depicts Mohan’s journey, which is very close to what Mahatma Gandhi experienced after returning from South Africa. Mohan pays a visit to Kodi and is moved by Haridas’ plight, which has left him unable to feed his family daily. Haridas informs Mohan that he switched to tenant farming because his caste career as a weaver was not paying him well. However, his change in profession caused him to be shunned by the villagers, who even refused to give him water for his crops. Mohan recognizes the tragic situation and realizes that several villages in India are still in the same state as Kodi. With a heavy heart, he returns to Charanpur and resolves to do something to help the people of Charanpur. 

Mohan’s leave is extended for another three weeks. He discovers that in Charanpur, electricity inconsistency and regular power outages are major issues. He decides to construct a small hydroelectric power plant using a nearby water supply. Mohan pays for all of the necessary equipment with his own money and supervises the construction of the power generation unit. The unit is functional, and the village receives adequate and reliable power from it.

However, NASA officials repeatedly contact Mohan, stating that the GPM project on which he was working is nearing completion and that he must return to the United States soon. Kaveri Amma informs him that she wants to stay in Charanpur because adjusting to a new country at her age would be difficult. Gita also informs him that she will not be settling in another country and that she would prefer Mohan to remain in India with her. With a heavy heart, Mohan returns to the United States to finish the project. However, he has flashbacks to his time in India in the United States and wishes to return. After completing his project successfully, he leaves the United States and returns to India, where he plans to work at the Vikram Sarabhai Space Center, where he can also work with NASA. Mohan stays in the village and wrestles near a temple at the end of the film.

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