Sydney lockdown becomes the reason why Home and Away filming production has been postponed.


Home and Away have postponed scheduled filming in Sydney because of the lock-out of Covid-19.

The soap had a scheduled production break of two weeks in the prior quarter, but now it has been revealed that this gap would be broadened due to the constraints of the show in Sydney.

Actor Shane Withington, John Palmer playing, disclosed over the weekend that the cast and team wouldn’t go back to setting when they’re initially scheduled as he tweeted: “It seems like they want folks to stay at home without the job they do.”

On a question from a supporter, whether it was vital to film Home and Away, he answered: “They haven’t pulled us now.”

“The health and safety of all Seven West Media staff are important,” said the Seven Networks, which produces and broadcasts soap in Australia, stating that the production break has been prolonged.

“Home & Away’s 2-week production pause was prolonged as a cautionary response to the current epidemic, with the existing COVID-19 restrictions.”

Greater Sydney is locked more strictly until 30 July, when inhabitants are urged not to leave their houses unless essential, such as shopping for food or medical treatment. In addition, it was told to close all of the non-essential retail, hospitality and entertainment firms.

When the first pandemic reached Covid-19 last spring with safeguards on safety and safety like Social Distance and Temperature Checks, the soap took a two-month halt from filming when the cast and crew returned.

Home and Away air on Channel 5 (UK) on weekdays at 1.15 and 6 pm, and on Thursday at 7 pm on Channel 7 on Channels (Australia). The Amazon Prime Video in the United Kingdom offers selected classical episodes.


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