Sylvester Stallone Reflects on being broke and Unemployed in Motivational Throwback Post!!

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Stallone is one of the lists of successful actors in Hollywood. He has been in the business for the past five decades. All these decades have seen how his life changed and how he got roles in films like Rocky, First Blood, Cliff Langer, and Demolition Man. Today his name itself reflects his struggle and success. 

What are we talking about?

Sylvester Stallone never hesitates to post a throwback picture on Instagram depicting some of his illustrious careers. But this time his throwback post has something which he never shared before or something less known to the world. It’s not the usual post showing the glamorous side of his journey.

He posted a picture of his 22-year-old self, depicting the days of tremendous hard work and struggle. During that time he was a struggling writer and actor. He wrote a brutally honest caption in the respect of his picture. He wrote about how he survived unemployment, how difficult it was for him to live in 71-dollars a month apartment, and how he always wanted to move out and outgrow his circumstances. 

He never sugarcoats his past in any sense. His post is motivating, and he always challenges people who are experiencing similar scenarios to keep moving forward in life. 

Before walking the red carpet and sharing the screen with superstars, he was pounding the pavement on the streets of New York searching for work. He did various odd jobs just like any other struggling aspiring actor to earn a living. Even when he got some acting roles, his appearance was limited just to the background. There was a point when he wanted to leave behind everything and quit acting but destiny had some other plans for him.

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In the 70s he started getting more work, but he got a break when he appeared in the lead role in Rocky. This film turned his dreams into reality. This pumped Stallone to fame and landed him into the Oscar nominations for the Best Actor and Original Screenplay. 

Even today, Sylvester Stallone keeps himself occupied in several projects. He is looking forward to the release of Samaritan and a few more projects. He is the motivation for the aspiring actors of the next generation. His stardom is something to look upon and learn that nothing great comes easy, you need to chase it.

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