Taboo Season 2: All The Updated and Information


The charismatic performance of Tom Hardy in Taboo season 1 has got a lot of applauds during 2017 and after a gap of 3 Years, Taboo series is going to be back on track. Taboo is a Political Thriller series aired on BBC One in the United Kingdom on 7th January 2017 and 10th January 2017 in the United States. The producers have already announced for the 2nd and 3rd series as well in March 2017.

 The season 1 gathered a lot of applauds for Tom Hardy’s exceptional performance. It has received 76% ratings in Rotten Tomato and 92% ratings from the audience.

 Let’s get to know what took Taboo season 2 so long.

There were multiple factors which became barriers for Taboo. In mid of 2017 Co-creator of Taboo, Steven Knight said that he will finish writing Taboo and the shooting will start from 2018. But 2018 completely went silent without any news on the same. In 2019, Knight has almost completed the writings of the new seasons but the shooting was delayed to a later time. 

It was supposed to start at the end of 2019 or at start of 2020. That means we were supposed to see the series in mid of 2020. However, due to the global pandemic, shooting has been paused again for the indefinite time. 

Taboo Season 2: All The Updated and Information

 2nd reason for the delay in Taboo’s shooting and writing is because the series depends on Tom Hardy’s schedule. As soon as the 1st season wrapped up Tom Hardy became very busy in other schedules and commitments. He was busy in the shooting of Venom in 2018 and now he is busy in shooting for Venom 2, apart from this his schedule is already booked for other acting assignments. 

 Another news was about Tom Hardy and his wife where they welcomed their 2nd baby in December 2018. There were many factors which have kept Tom busy all these days but Tom has informed and promised to do Taboo season 2. In season 2 main character Tom Hardy will return as James Keziah Delaney.

And below are the confirmed characters as of now:

Leo Bill as Benjamin Wilton (an officer with the East India Company)

Jessie Buckley as Lorna Delaney 

Stephen Graham as Atticus (an underworld informant)

 The plot for season 2:

Taboo is an 8 episodes season based on 1814 story where James returns to England after 12 years following his father’s death and the war with the United States is almost close to an end. He was in Africa and stolen 14 diamonds from there. The series shows the dark side of politics, business, corruption of the 19th century, and the bad situation of the working class. In season 2, James will be seen with his allies who are sailing to the United States. The series is a combination of some of the real-life and some fictional stories. After the season shooting starts, the plot will be more clearer. 

Until then, stay tuned with us.




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