Taboo Season 2 – Darker Side of London


Taboo is an American crime drama BBC Television series written by Steve Knight and created by Tom and Chips Hardy. People are always very crazy and curious about any criminal or thriller series. This kind of series will never behind the times.                            Its first series was aired on the very first channel of BBC Television named BBC One on 7 January 2017 with a bundle of 8 episodes. 


The story of the whole show was planned by Tom Hardy with his father Chips Hardy and set in 1814. In this, a man named James Delaney returned to England with 14 stolen diamonds after spending 12 years in Africa. In first part, East India Company also buy property from James half-sister. This series shows us a dark, corrupted and miserable side of London in 19th century.

Thrilling Storyline

Season two will catch the story from where it ends the first one. James came to England to attends his father’s funeral and when he came, the war between America and Britain is going to end. Directors will give some clues or ideas to make people more curious about the airing. This season may reveal the secret behind his shoot-out and also about the East India Company intentions. This season will also reveal the secret behind James intriguing tattoo.

Taboo Season 2 – Darker Side of London

Release Date

There is no doubt about the release of its second season. Director has confirmed the release of season 2 but the particular release date is still up in the air. The series was supposed to launched in 2020 but due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic may be the series postponed. Finally, we concluded that the series will launch at the end of 2020 or at the beginning of 2021 for sure.


All the actors with their fabulous acting will reprise their role in the second season as there is no update about any change in casting yet.  Some of them are; Tom Hardy as James Delaney who was Horace Delaney’s son and the main character of the show who will be seen in all seasons of this show. Leo Bill as Benjamin Wilton who was an officer of an East India Company. Jessie Buckley as Lorna Delaney who was Horace’s widow. Stephen Graham as Atticus who was an underworld informant of Delaney. And most actors will reprise their role but may be any new member will be seen surprisingly to all the fans. 

Hence, Stay in touch so that we will provide you reliable information time to time.


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