Taboo Season 2 Release Date, Casting Members, Storyline, and Trailer


If you are a great admirer of Peaky Blinders’ star Tom Hardy, then the series Taboo’s new installments will give you one more fantastic performance from him. This BBC TV drama produced by Steven Knight, Tom Hardy, and Chips Hardy is slated to return for a second season. Steven Knight composed this gem and directed it toward Kristoffer Nyholm and Anders Engstrom. Its first season premiered in January 2017. Until then, fans are eagerly awaiting the next season to find out the answers to their many unanswered questions and to see what happens next.

When will Taboo Season 2 release?

Even after announcing its second season, the BBC has yet to release any formal release dates. Their era is still in the shadows. It’s almost impossible to anticipate the date when it will appear on the screen. Season 2’s creators have faced several challenges over the previous two years, and the current pandemic scenario makes it much more difficult to put together and finish off the season.

Initially, fans would have to wait until the end of 2021 for more. Taboo Season 2 will air on September 24, 2021. We will provide you with further information on the series as soon as we receive it.

Who will be casting?

According to the official announcement, Tom Hardy will return to this series, which is not surprising given that he is the one who presented the narrative along with his father. However, no supporting characters for the next series have been confirmed as of yet.

Nonetheless, we can safely assume that the majority of the previous season’s cast will be maintained for the following episode. Along with them, the new cast for this series will be a surprise for all of the viewers. The following is a list of characters and their roles in the previous season:

  •         Tom Hardy as James Keziah Delaney
  •         David Hayman as Brace
  •         Jonathan Pryce as Stuart Strange
  •         Oona Chaplin as Zilpha Geary
  •         Richard Dixon as Pettifer
  •         Leo Bill as Whilton
  •         Edward Hogg as Godfrey
  •         Ruby May as Winter
  •         Jessie Buckley as Lorna Bow
  •         Stephen Graham as Atticus
  •         Franka Potente as Helga
  •         James Greaves as Strange’s Clerk
  •         Michael Kelly as Dumbarton
  •         Jefferson Hall as Thorne Geary
  •         Jason Watkins as Solomon Coop
  •         Danny Ligairi as Martinez

How will be the plotline?

The narrative of Season 2 revolves entirely around James Delany, who is now in Africa with the stolen diamonds. Later, he went to the United States to attend his father’s burial. The conflict between the United States and the United Kingdom was at its pinnacle when he arrived, making the situation a bit hazardous. His contact with the East India Company, as well as the tale behind his tattoo, are all part of the Taboo season 2 storyline development.

The upcoming season is more fascinating to watch than the first. We learned in the final episode of Season 1 that Zilpha had committed suicide soon before meeting James. In front of Helga, Atticus and Lorna inform East India Company about the assassination of Winter through James. Season 1 concludes with the Dockside shootouts and the escape of survivors to America. As a result, Season 2 of Taboo will continue up where Season 1 left off. Later, he learns of the tattoo on James’s body, and in season 2, he attempts to expose his own identity.

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