Tame Impala remixes a new track called “Borderline (Blood Orange Remix)”



  • Tame Impala’s Borderline (Blood Orange Remix) is a new take on the song from February’s The Slow Rush.
  • The track features Aaron Maine and Kevin Parker. 
  • The song has gained great reviews from the Tame Impala fans and music critics.

Inside Story

Recently, Tame Impala shared a new track named “Boderline.” The reimagined cut of Blood Orange is very organic and dreamy with a slight touch of dub, which feels like a stoner’s waking dream. 

The track is made by Devonté Hynes of Blood Orange. Moreover, Hynes created and added new layers of synths, bass, as well as a guitar to the track, with additional percussion from Porches’ Aaron Maine and augmentation of Tame Impala’s Kevin Parker. According to the press release, Dev Hynes reworked on the song.

Sources reveal that the Borderline track of Tame Impala appears on their fourth album, which got released on February’s The Slow Rush. Moreover, the band also performed the tracks on Fallon, and recently, it got nominated for the Billboard Music Awards.

The listeners gave raft and rave reviews to record’s release. Moreover, the NME remarking also said that the new album simply sounds phenomenal.

The track got released just after a day Tame Impala performed the original version of the track on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. It isn’t the first time the band has remixed the track. If we look back in August, the ‘Is It True’ track was spun by Four Tet, which was also lifted from The Slow Rush.

During the COVID-19 lockdown, Tame Impala also shared a special mix of “imaginary place” The Slow Rush to make the fans lockdown enjoyable. The track was nicely edited to sound, which felt like being played from another room.

Recently, the news sources revealed that Tame Impala’s Parker and his wife Sophie Lawrence bought the West Australian studio and home where the band recorded their 2015’s Currents as well as their debut album Innerspeaker. 

The studio was created by the US music composer Ken Eichenberg in the 1980s. Various roosters of artists were welcomed in the recording studio. Apart from Tame Impala, musicians like the Beastie Boys, Fatboy Slim, Fat Freddy’s Drop, The Waifs, and many more recorded there. 

According to the sources, the in-house studio has a big property that has a limestone amphitheater, which can hold up to three hundred people.


Let’s hope that the band brings more hit songs for the fans in the future. We cannot wait for their upcoming tracks to get recorded in their new in-house music studio. Stay tuned for more news.


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