Tashera Simmons Net Worth And Everything Else You Want To Know!!

Tashera Simmons Net Worth
Tashera Simmons Net Worth

Tashera Simmons, a reality TV star and author, has Tashera Simmons net worth of $500,000. She rose to prominence after her divorce from Earl “DMX” Simmons, a controversial rapper. They appeared on VH1’s Couple Therapy in addition to their four children.

TLC announced this week that Tashera will be joining the cast of their new reality series, Star Wives. Seven women who have had relationships with celebrities are featured in the show. She’ll soon have her own MTV reality show.

She also intends to write a book, which she promises will be exhaustive and in-depth. Know more about Tashera Simmons’s BIOGRAPHY AND WIKI below.

Simmons founded the Women of Strength Organization to assist victims of domestic violence. For fourteen long years, she has been married to DMX. She had to deal with his numerous arrests, drug problems, and infidelity during their marriage.

While married to Tashera, he fathered six children, all of whom were born out of wedlock. In June of that year, she filed for divorce. Here in this article, you will find Tashera Simmons- Age, Parents, Siblings, Ethnicity, Education.

Tashera Simmons’ Childhood

Tashera Simmons grew up in the city of New York, which is located in the state of New York. She had eight siblings, all of whom she had previously lived with when she moved to the Yonkers area in 1978.

She has supported her family for over 30 years through her talents as a writer and entertainer. Her parents were both drug addicts, so she had to work and go to school. In 1989, she graduated from Lincoln High School.

Tashera Simmons Net Worth
Tashera Simmons Net Worth

Tashera Simmons’ Personal Life

Who is Tashera Simmons Dating? Tashera discovered that a high school romance was not what it appeared to be. Earl Simmons, better known by his stage name DMX, was her first love. They’ve been together since their wedding day in 1998 and have no plans to split up anytime soon.

They divorced in 2014 after a long marriage. They’ve raised four children and provided a stable home environment for them as parents. Xavier, Tacoma, Praise Mary Ella, and Sean are their names.

Tashera Simmons, a member of the paparazzi, expressed her dissatisfaction with the constant invasion of her privacy. This was prompted by DMX’s fame as a rapper.

Tashera Simmons’ Net Worth

Tashera Simmons’ net worth in 2020 is $500,000, according to Celebrity Worth and other online sources.

Tashera Simmons’ net worth should be increased by earning money from a variety of sources. Look no further than Tashera Simmons’ illustrious career, which has seen her success in a variety of fields, including writing and business. Tasher Simmons’s Social Media is one of her main sources of income.


Tashera Simmons’ business and investments have received little attention thus far. Because she is so private and secretive, the business world knows very little about her overall net worth.

She, on the other hand, has the potential to be seen as giving and helpful. By establishing the Women Strength Organization, she hopes to assist those who have been physically or verbally abused.

She’s also running an Instagram campaign to raise awareness of her role as a powerful online voice. Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are all popular platforms through which she promotes her work. In addition, she is the host of the podcast Freedom of Truth.

Tesher Simmons Property

Tesher Simmons’s house, mansions, and apartments can all significantly increase a person’s net worth. Tashera Simmons’ home had to be seized by a bank, according to TMZ.

Since 2008, DMX has not paid any property taxes.

Tashera Simmons Net Worth
Tashera Simmons Net Worth

DMX claims he hasn’t been home since 2005. Tashera will make a payment toward the remaining debt.

They, on the other hand, we’re unable to pay and had to declare bankruptcy on several occasions. Tashera received financial assistance for the first time in a long time without having to leave her home until 2019.

Automobiles, Yachts, And High-Performance Vehicles

Here are some specifics about her automobiles. There hasn’t been any word on whether she has a sports car or a yacht in her garage.

Tashera was caught driving a Mercedes Benz with a top speed of 106 mph in 2006. Tashera was apprehended by local police.

Her ex-husband, DMX, is said to own a classic car, a 1964 Chevy Impala. However, it is unclear whether DMX’s death affected Simmons’ net worth.

Tashera Simmons Earns A Living In A Variety Of Ways

Tashera Simmons has a sizable net worth as a result of her career and contract work in the entertainment industry. She appeared on Couple Therapy (2012) and Reality Shows Star Wives with her ex-husband (2012).

Despite her lack of celebrity, Tashera Simmons has amassed a substantial fortune as a result of her work on various production projects. She has produced television shows such as Trippin’ and Starter Waiver Live! in addition to Never Die Alone (2004) and Starter Wives Confidential (2013). (2013).

Tashera Simmons is a published author as well as an actress, writer, and producer. Her book You Think You Know, You Have No Idea contains personal stories from her marriage to DMX (2013).

What Is Tashera Simmons’s Yearly Salary?

We can confidently state that Tashera Simmons’ salary and net worth of $500,000 are correct. Regardless, there is no information on how much money was made.

Tashera Simmons’ fortune is aided by royalties from her book, which was published in 2012. The book is an unvarnished account of the author’s experiences as a battered wife.

DMX reportedly pays Tashera $15,000 per month in other compensation, in addition to $15,000 per month in music royalties, $10,000 in child support, and $5,000 in other monthly benefits. These three sources contribute to her net worth.

Net Worth

Tashera Simmons is a reality television star and author with a net worth of $500,000, according to Sources. Tashera Simmons is best known as DMX’s ex-wife. Tashera Simmons, DMX’s wife, has four children with the rapper.

She appeared on the VH1 show “Couples Therapy.” Tashera has joined the cast of TLC’s new reality series “Starter Wives,” which follows seven women in relationships with celebrities.

Tashera is the founder of the Women of Strength Organization, which helps abused women and girls all over the world, in addition to her work on reality television. Tashera had to deal with a lot of adversity as DMX’s wife.

Tashera Simmons Net Worth
Tashera Simmons Net Worth

During their marriage, she had to deal with DMX’s multiple arrests, drug problems, and infidelity. While married to Tashera, DMX had six children by six different women. In June of that year, Tashera Simmons filed for divorce.

DMX’s marriage to Tashera Simmons has most likely made him extremely cautious and selective in his search for a long-term partner. His wealth and Tashera Simmons’ net worth prevent him from dabbling in romance.

We have concluded almost all the facts About Tashera Simmons in this article.

Tashera Simmons’s Instagram, biography, earnings history, and net worth are all available right here. It’s no secret that she’s had a rocky start to her career as one of reality television’s most well-known faces.

Even on a low income, she should be able to provide a comfortable and happy home for her children.


1. Where Is Tashera Simmons Now?

Tashera is now a resident of Mount Kisco, New York, where she lives with her four children, Xavier, Tacoma, Sean, and Praise Mary Ella.

2. What Does Tashera Simmons Do For A Living?

Tashera Simmons is a professional Actor

3. How Old Is Tashera Simmons?

She is 51 years old as of now

4. Who was DMX married to?

Tashera Simmons is married to DMX.

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