Taskmaster already seems to conquer the hearts of the viewers!


In these difficult times when a microscopic organism has successfully taken away the breath of the people of the earth, and we are all one in fighting it away, some comic relief in our lives wouldn’t be bad. Comedy helps us to relax, stimulates positive energy, and give us more power to overcome the difficulties.

And obviously we are all aware of the saying, Laughter is the best tonic.

And how much comedy is too much comedy if not Taskmaster’s show?

The newest episode released on the 15th of October and it’s the usual dose of dumbfounding moments and surprising acts of ingenuity kept the fans hooked up in laughter.

Greg Davies has already been a 6ft 8 inches comedian, the taskmaster himself governing Greg and his fellow mate Alex Horne the series sees the greatest comics competing against each other to complete the set of ridiculous tasks without breaking the code of law and adding to their scores on the 10 episodes.

another major laughing agent is Daisy May  Cooper, the country star, who makes people laugh throughout the episodes as she herself keeps on laughing. Her hysterical bursts of laughter brought well-deserved joy to all those rivers of the show who was stuck at home watching the series.

Fans are seen enjoying this new tonic and doses of laughter. They have been constantly tweeting their reactions and showing their love for the show. It seems, there couldn’t be any popular and loved comic show than this.

What do you say fellas?

Haven’t watched the show yet.

Please Check out fast.

Else you will be missing something of the best type.

And do share with us  your reactions.

Stay tuned till the next.


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