Taskmaster’s Alex Horne fronts another show you may not know


Taskmaster is an American game show where five comedians assign hilarious tasks to the contestants and they are supposed to finish. What makes the game so much more fun is that each contestant puts up their prized possessions in a commonplace and the winner of the show gets to take home the losers’ stuff! 

The show first aired in 2015 and since then it has got more and more fan following. It has a whopping score of 9.1/10 on IMDb!

You can watch a sample of the show here- 

This genius of a show is run by Alex Thorne, one of the most hilarious comedians. And this lockdown, Alex Thorne along with two of his colleagues Tim Key and Mark Watson has arranged a smaller game show series called “No More Jockeys” where they play an easy to play game that you can play with your family as well.

Here is the instruction to the game as described by the host himself. (

You can see the trailer of the how here-  


On each turn, players name a person plus a category they fall under. That person and category are then eliminated, and subsequent people must not fall under that category. 

Gradually, with the introduction of new categories, it gest tougher to keep adding the new ones.

This game was originally created by Mark Watson and Tim Key in 2001 and it aired briefly on the BBC Comedy website in 2009 as a spin-off from Horne, Key and Watson’s panel show We Need Answers. And this 2020, it saw its resurgence!

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