Taxiwala Tamil Dubbed Movie Download Kuttymovies

Taxiwala Tamil Dubbed Movie Download Kuttymovies
Source: YouTube

About the Movie Taxiwala

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Taxiwaala is a supernatural thriller of Indian Telugu comedy in 2018 created jointly by UV Creations and Geetha Arts and directed by Rahmen Sankrityan. The movie is starring Vijay Deverakonda, Priyanka Jawalkar, and Malavika Nair, while Jakes Bejoy’s music plays the film in Madhunandan, Ravi Varma, and Shiju. The film published positive reviews on 17 November 2018 and became a success of the box office.

Taxiwala Tamil Dubbed Movie Download Kuttymovies
Source: YouTube

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Taxiwala Movie Plot Details

The film begins in a hospital with an unusual scene and then cuts to one year later. Shiva is coming to Hyderabad to live and find a job with his friend. His friend offers a few jobs, and Shiva tries them all.

But he’s not happy, and he decides to be a taxi driver. He goes to his village to get his brother’s money and gets it from his lawmaker, who quickly gives him his Mangalsutra. In their budget, Shiva and his friends look for a car but fail.

Shiva gets a call one morning from an anonymous man, saying that he’s got a car ready to be sold. Shiva meets the owner of the car and happily takes the car while his friend is somewhat reluctant.

Shiva is starting the Ola Cab Service. He falls in love with a girl called Anusha on his first journey. Then he begins to feel the car’s spooky things. He attempts to contact the last owner of the vehicle but fails.

A fake fakir arrives, tormenting them with their car. While in the car, the fakir is almost killed. Shiva and his friends look into their garage the following day. Shiva has to arrange money to deliver his sister-in-law, so he starts driving his car again.

The car itself saves him from an accident. Once Shiva was asked by the doctor to drop him somewhere after dropping Anusha at her home. However, the doctor is killed after being hit by the car and driven away by a train.

Taxiwala Tamil Dubbed Movie Download Kuttymovies
Source: YouTube

Shiva decides to go to the house of the previous owner of the car to steal something so he can ask him for money. He goes with his friends to find a man in the store room inside the home. In a hospital, they admit him. The person wakes up and says he knows why the car is strange.

He says he was a psychology and parapsychology lecturer. Once, he teaches an astral topic by which you can split your soul from your body before death and even encounter the deceased before death.

A Sisira Bharadwaj student requests him to play this on her. He asks her why her intention is behind her. Sisira reveals her story in a flashback – she lives with Raghuram, her mother, who is diagnosed with asthma. In the evening, after a fight between her and her mother, she gets up because of suffocation, and she cannot find an inhaler and knocks on Sisira’s door to only be ignored by the door.

She says she needs her mother to meet. The professor conducts an Astral screening and thus begins to go deep into the Astral realm and realise that the doctor and Raghuram, who took the inhaler away, had actually killed her mother.

Raghuram arrives and, along with his neighbour, a doctor, he takes a teacher and Sisira in a car. But both of them strike the teacher, and the soul of Sisira is divided from her body. A clinic takes Sisira’s body away as she is giving her body. Shiva excuses her spirit because she knows this.

The teacher tells you that when you have her body, Sisira can be brought back to life. With the help of the security guard, Shiva and his friends go into the clinic, transform the fakir who tried to steal her car earlier. Raghuram wants to see and comes into the clinic Sisira’s body. He is almost killed, but he saves himself by her spirit.

Shiva defeats it and takes Sisira and her body to the laboratory of the teacher. Raghuram wakes up and tries to remove Sisira’s body, but Sisira’s soul burns the car. Shiva is very sorrowful. Anusha tells him that his baby girl was born through her sister-in-law. He just goes to the hospital to learn that the baby was dead because of irregular chromosomes.

They all go to the garage and console one another. The soul of Sisira enters the body while the baby’s body is in the car, and the baby begins crying. Shiva, his brother, boyfriend, parents, teacher, and Anusha cuddle the son come together.

Taxiwala Movie Cast Details

  • Vijay Devarakonda is Shiva
  •  Priyanka Jawalkar is Anu/Anusha
  • Malavika Nair is Sisira Bharadwaj
  • Madhu Nandan is Babai/Shiva’s friend
  • Vishnu is Hollywood
  • Ravi Varma is Sisira’s Professor
  • Shiju is Raghuram (Sisira’s step-father)
  • Ravi Prakash is Shiva’s brother
  • Kalyani is Shiva’s sister-in-law
  • Yamuna is Sisira’s mother
  • Uttej is Doctor
  • Kireeti Damaraju is a Doctor
  • Chammak Chandra is a Fake Fakir / Hospital security guard
  • Chitram Seenu
  • Satya Krishnan is Doctor

Taxiwala Movie Leaked Beforehand

Taxiwala Tamil Dubbed Movie Download Kuttymovies
Source: YouTube

The film was first released but delayed. A version of the movie was placed on the internet in June, months before the cinema was released. A A 45-minute video of the film was leaked by Pirates website Tamil Rockers on 7 November 2018, 10 days before the film was released. A week later, the entire movie was revealed. Police took action immediately, and the perpetrators were captured.

Despite this issue, the movie got good reviews, and people overall enjoyed the storyline with such great actors, who did a great job in the film. This movie is a light-hearted one and people should definitely give it a watch to relax and have a good time.



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