Teddi Mellencamp speaks about her rejection and its influence on her life


Teddi Mellencamp now reveals the reasons she walked out of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, a famous American Television series. 

Recently, in Teddi Tea Pod, her podcast she revealed how bad she felt after she was informed by Bravo that she was not returning to the series for the fourth season. She revealed that melancholic it was to hear it about her termination from acting in the series.

Mellencamp said that the most demented part about the news was that when her friends texted and called her that Dailymail showed up that she was no longer a housewife. she got the news from her friends and the press rather than media and network. 

She revealed that it was very hard to digest the fact about being replaced in the season and overcoming it really took a long time. The very next day, Teddi reacted by uploading a short clip on Instagram stating that she was no longer the part of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Well, this clearly shows how much she was difficult to accept the fact of her termination. It was seeming like she was having a breakup with the series and she was trying to get through it from the heartbreak.

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She even reported that was legitimate to replace her giving 30 days-notice periods. She wanted the grounds on which she was terminated. Teddi said that her 6 years old son Crux, was more suffered by the news than she did. He asked me about my mistake that I did which made me face rejection from the series.

Teddi mentions about efforts she has been putting in to get ready for the role despite her pregnancy, and the tight schedule to look after her kids, to fit in and amaze the audience by her performance. She said that she made so much efforts to make herself likable. 

Mellencamp is not in touch with her co-stars, Kylie Richards, Lisa Rinna, and Erika Girardi but reached Dorit Kemsley and wish her all the best for their future endeavors. It revealed how good she was and how best she wanted for others.

And about the rest, it is not yet decided who is going to replace her.

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