Teen Titans Starfire has a teenage Goth Daughter


There is something in the line for my Young Adults community.

The YA graphic Novel is ready to unveil Starfire’s Goth Daughter, Mandy Koriand’r.


DC kids has recently revealed the synopsis of I am Not Starfire, the Mariko Tamaki and Yoshi Yoshitani story. the story revolves around a 17 year old girl who is the daughter of starfire the famous hero, her name is Mandy Koriand’r.

The story is all about her life, how she struggles to escape the shadow of her bright, scantily clad, famous birth giver! She is seen dying her orange hair black and hanging out with Lincoln her bestie. She is also seen struggling to hide her feelings for the popular and pretty Claire. Mandy also skips her S.A.T exams adding to her level of anxieties. 

She has a very interesting story where on the one hand her mother’s roots add to her sicknesses whereas she also has to remember that she has some superhero roots instilled in her and therefore lives up for her identity. 

The announcement of the book happened back in 2019. It will be available from August 2021. Some other books are also to follow in the young adult lineup. Starfire is currently available on HBO Max, the upcoming season of which will be focusing more on an Alien Superhero. 

We will have to wait till August next year, till then you stay with us for the best of informations.


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