Tenet, another masterpiece created by Christopher Nolan; Release date postponed to 31 July


Tenet, the upcoming movie, is carved on more severe trouble that has captivated the globe than a nuclear catastrophe. The brain behind the movie, Christopher Nolan, is an Oscar-nominee and has contributed extensively to the Hollywood industry. The filmmaker has a habit of winning audiences and critics’ hearts by creating masterpieces. Movies like Inception, Memento, 

The Dark Knight Trilogy, interstellar have left an unremovable mark on the audience. One doesn’t have to be a movie buff to become a fan of his movies. The understanding of the director is impeccable. He has not only won millions of hearts but also raised the bar of entertainment for many. The upcoming project of Christopher Nolan is titled as Tenet. 

The anticipation circulated that the movie would be about time travel as the filmmaker is obsessed with the concept. We have seen time travel events in the inception and interstellar. However, the storyline of the upcoming movie is different from the rest. The laudable history of the director has made the fans more eager to learn about the next film. The rumors have that Tenet might have something to do with time travel, but the entire concept would focus on the threat circulating on the world. 

Release date of Tenet: 

The movie was scheduled to release in July. However, the outbreak of the pandemic made the makers rethink their decision. The high-anticipated film is likely to make the audiences reach their nearest theatre as the movie date is shifted only by two weeks. Tenet is speculated to get shifted to July 31 for the release. However, the fans aren’t satisfied with the news and are found itching to know more details about the movie. 

Tenet, another masterpiece created by Christopher Nolan; Release date postponed to 31 July

The plot of Tenet: 

At first, the plot of the story was anticipated to be time travel. Well, later actor Kenneth Branagh who is the part of the film, disclosed that time travel would be a minor part of the flick. The audiences can expect to watch a nuclear war scenario. He added that nuclear war isn’t the worst-case scenario. We can expect a lot more from the movie. 


The makers of the movie are worried about the fact that Tenet would be compared with the success and hierarchy of Inception and Interstellar. The director is hoping that the fans could see the movie with an open eye as the concept and draft of interstellar and inception was way different from Tenet. For Tenet, the question has been asked by many that what could be worse than nuclear annihilation? 

The details are not given out by the cast or anyone. The makers are planning to give astounding viewers to the fans. It looks like secrets on Tenets would be revealed only after the movie hit the floor. 

Well, this was all from outside for the movie Tenet. Stay tuned to get more gossips on the upcoming film.  



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