Tennant felt stupid marrying Doctor “Who” co-star


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“I was a stalker and I was the one who tried to woo him and our marriage is like a disagreed partnership.” This statement is given by Georgia, of 35 who is best known as the wife of David Tennant and is the daughter of Peter Davison. David Tennant too confessed that is a little bit stupid that he married Georgia. He played the role of a doctor in “Doctor who” and is marrying a doctor’s daughter

David Tennant, of 49 is himself an actor who has done popular roles in “Time Lord” from 2005 to 2010 and that was the time when he met his wife, Georgia when she did her cameo appearance in the show “The Doctor’s daughter” in 2008. They called their marriage a ‘Disagreed partnership’ because of their 14-year age gap. 

Something about the podcast:

During a podcast of Gaby Roslin, she called herself a ‘Stalker’ because of her regular attempts to woo David.

When the romance of the couple was discussed in the podcast, Georgia revealed that she was the one who forced a lot for joining the ties with David. She kept wooing the actor again and again till he said ‘yes’.

David then replied that she was sounding as if he was resistant and he always thought that this will be a mismatched pair because of their age gap.   

He also thinks that is not less than a coincidence that while doing the role of daughter throughout his life, he ended up marrying the daughter of the doctor itself.


Georgia and David were married in 2011 and they together have five kids- Olive of 9, Wilfred of 7, Doris of 5, Birdie of 1, and Ty of 18 (Georgia’s son). Birdie came into the world last October.

Georgia was too worried for her small girl last year when she was rushed to the Intensive Care Unit and she showed her concern by sharing it on social media.

Couple’s career:

Recently, David was seen as nailing the horrifying role of a serial killer ‘Dennis Nilsen’ in the ITV series “Des”. He was also seen in some popular movies such as “Good Omens”, “Staged”, and so on so forth.

In “Staged”, David was seen with his former co-star, Michael Sheen and in this series, Georgia was also sharing the screen as Michael’s friend, Anna Lundberg.


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