Teresa Giudice Finally in a New Relationship!


Various official sources have confirmed that a new man has entered the life of Teresa Giudice. Sources have further claimed that the man is none other than the 46-year-old single dad of two children from New Jersey, Luis Ruelas. Not much has been revealed to the audience about this mystery man in Teresa’s life, but it has been confirmed by the same sources that the couple is happy and contended and that the relationship is moving at quite a fast pace.

The dramatic turn of events in Teresa’s life attracted a lot of controversial and negative comments, but her staunch supporters have shown support by claiming that she also deserves a chance at happiness and to claim that happiness, an individual is free to choose what to do and what not to.

Even Joe Giudice, the former husband of Teresa, approved of her new relationship and dismissed all the negative feedbacks she is receiving by claiming, “What’s she going to do, stay alone forever? “That’s not fair, as well. Look, if I would have got out and I would have been able to go home, who knows what would happen? Maybe we’d still be in the same situation, maybe not. I don’t know. Things change after so many years”. 


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