The 6 huge questions we have after watching the latest episode of Holby City

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Holby City (May 18), Tonight, saw Kian Madani left for drastic security of Andrei and was in a dangerous situation. Although Hanssen had a breakthrough, Evie, the daughter of Fletch, went into trouble unknowingly.

Is Kian going to be all right?

This evening (May 18), Kian’s lies web was even more tangled as he risked everything to rescue his surrogate son Andrei. At the same time, Kian’s attention was broken by Andrei’s new scheme, despite being involved in a high stakes operation.

After Andrei decided to resume the smuggling of drugs to appease the threatening dealers, Kian was captured and brutally attacked. But is he going to be all right? Fortunately, we can confirm that Kian is fighting to live another day, but his problems haven’t been over for him.

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What about Hanssen now? Now?

In his tragic tale, Holby aired a poignant moment when he eventually wanted to speak out of the chaos. Josh, aware of the self-harming nature of Hanssen, tried to contact him another time and vowed that it was not shameful to ask for help.

Hanssen approached Lucky after a strong heart with Josh and started to open up his struggles. But what about him next?

Is Dom going to get the job?

Back in the first place, the anger of Dom was tangible as he returned tonight from his most recent operation. Dom realised that he needed to get his act together without his mother’s sympathy and began thinking about what the future could hold for him now.

Later, Dom told Sacha that he would apply to Hanssen’s former job as a consultant and was keen to return to work. Sacha told Dom he had his full support, but we know yet another twist would turn it over.

Has Evie made a new friend dangerous?

Fletch’s daughter Evie had returned tonight to our screens, with the French Phoebe taking back her place. Evie had an appointment at Pulse’s hospital, but her day took a down turn when it came to the madness of Andrei.

Unwitting the danger in which he is trapped, Evie made a friendship with Andrei, but we know she might live this to regret.

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Is Fletch and Jeni spark-like?

Since the introduction of Jeni (aka finance director), Holby has been teasing the concept of a romance among these two. But this episode tonight seemed to prove that both of them go for romanticism, but is it all as it seems? We still have to see this, but Fletch might, in the meantime, have more to deal with, as we know.

What happens next? What happens next?

The episode next week will examine the impact of Kian’s beating since he continues to threaten Andrei with everything. Meanwhile, the diagnosis of Max’s BRCA is revised, and the Dom steps up to consultancy, but is anyone on the agenda?



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