Just two episodes from Country Season 1 are remaining. This evening, one of them looks and what you might expect in the episode. The brand-new show you don’t want to lose. Episode 9 sees Dee saving every race. 

You know she is cursed, but will you figure out how to escape the curse? 

Christina has a way to support Ruby.

More about the episode

Christina’s going to help Ruby, but Leti doesn’t believe Christina can trust her sister. We agree. Christina has a larger plan in place. It’s not because she sent the cops first of all to curse Dee thinking that the family will have to come to her for help. Now she’s got them exactly where she wants them to make a deal.

It’s impossible to believe with the title “Rewind 1921” any of this episode won’t be present in the past. If the orrery were back in service, it would make sense. However, why do they go to 1921?

This is presumably related to the need for the immortality of Christina somewhere. Her father was around in 1921 and insisted that she should discover the road to immortality. He may also have what Christina wants to do (and not Tic).

So why are Tic and the others sent to the past? Is it her main reason for having an orrery? Will everyone notice Hippolyta in the past trapped to get her home?

Lovecraft Country Season 1, Preview of Episode 9

Diana is unconscious and cursed after the demon attack in today’s episode. Tic needs to broker a deal with Christina to save her. Ruby is increasingly discovering the main strategy of Christina, who has become closer to Christina.


The episode concludes with Hippolyte battling to hold the portal open for our heroes to come back. And that is just what Tic advises his Aunt to suffer. Hippolyta stays on until Leti can get her back with the book of names in hand through the portal.

I don’t know what it is if it’s not symbolic. It’s all about combating odds, even when all hope seems to go out, even though it hurts, though it nearly destroys you, you choose to struggle.

This is what these people do, and the African American community has tried to do since the Tulsa shootings, and to this day what they do to fight the tragedies and injustices that exist.

Stay tuned with us and wait for the next episode!


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