The Actress Of Home And Away Admits To Having Doubts Regarding Her Acting Career

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Ada Nicodemou of Home and Away spoke out regarding her concerns concerning her acting career and that she’d leave if the show stopped tomorrow.

Ada Nicodemou Doubts About Her Acting Career

The actress, who has featured Leah Patterson on the show for 21 years, told Mamamia’s No Filter podcast that she likes to refer to herself as “acting at the moment” rather than calling herself an actor since she isn’t sure whether she wants to do it.

During the honest interview, Nicodemou told interviewer Mia Freedman, “I’m not sure whether it’s something I’ll continue to do.” “Perhaps it’s because I’m seeking reassurance.

On the other hand, I don’t think I’m very good at it. I feel like I’ve always done it, but I’ve never trained for it, and I’m sure someone will realise I’m not very good at it.” Last year, I was just authorised [for Home and Away]. ‘Oh, fantastic, they still want me,’ I thought to myself.

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Although some performers like the chance to play a wide range of characters and work in a variety of locations, from small screen to big screen, Nicodemou is grateful for her two-decade career on Home and Away.

The star shard that she had enjoyed working on TV industry as it gave her a sense of stability and, more importantly, it allowed her to live a great life. 

Adding to that, she even shared that she got enough time to spend it on working for the country’s television business, as well as with her son Johnas.

However, with her discontinuation from acting career, she is continuing to seek for a job or being unemployed would be really difficult. She even said that she enjoyed acting and she wanted to work, so she had to go and make a solid decision for her career.

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