The Actress You Didn’t Notice Played Two Characters On NCIS

Source: Looper

Since 2003, “NCIS” has made itself into a serious CBS juggernaut. Per The Hollywood Reporter, the arrangement is set to get back with a bewildering nineteenth season. What’s more, that bodes well considering that every scene will in general attract in excess of 12 million watchers. There’s additionally a large group of side projects to the principle arrangement with another one set in Hawaii at present being developed. “NCIS” is such an organization that the expression “NCIS Multiverse” doesn’t actually stand as excessively strange.

This is particularly fitting considering that numerous entertainers have depicted a wide range of characters all through “NCIS’s” assortment of shows. For instance, per TV Insider, entertainer Don Franklin played repeating character FBI Agent Ron Sacks on “NCIS,” while on a scene of “NCIS: Los Angeles” he additionally played Naval Captain Alan Beck. This is comparatively the situation with entertainer Scottie Thompson who not just likewise played a repetitive character on “NCIS” yet in addition visitor featured in 2020 on a scene of “NCIS: Los Angeles” as a totally unique character.

Source: Looper

Scottie Thompson has played a doctor and government agent

Scottie Thompson was no more interesting to the “NCIS” universe of shows because of a common character she played in 2006. During the show’s fourth season scene “Sandblast” (by means of CBS) Thompson played Dr. Jeanne Benoit who was the girl of global arms vendor Renee Benoit (Armand Assante) and turned into an adoration interest for Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo. Thompson’s character of Dr. Benoit really showed up for a considerable amount on the show. She was found in certain scenes of Season 5, yet she didn’t show up again until 2016 in the thirteenth season scene “Liabilities.” Dr. Jeanne Benoit was striking because of her criminal dad and her sentiment with DiNozzo which likewise set her up to be a dubious character for fans.

Maybe Thompson’s experience on “NCIS” made it simpler to get back to the organization TV establishment this time through “NCIS: Los Angeles” in 2020. Through TV Line, In the Season 11 scene, “Missing Time” she exchanged being the specialist little girl of an arms seller to turn into a UFO-chasing specialist for the Defense Intelligence Agency. Her character gets engaged with NCIS because of her boss disappearing.

Albeit the odds are thin, it would surely be intriguing if Thompson’s two characters were to at any point meet in the NCIS Multiverse. The discussions alone between the two characters could make for an intriguing scene.


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