The Alienist :2 Know All About It


The Alienist season 1 released its final episode in March 2018 since then the audience has been waiting for its next season but now the wait is over as the makers have now confirmed that the second part will release this year. 

The Alienist is an American period crime drama series. The second part of the series has been titled as The Alienist :2 Angel of Darkness.The American series is based on the novel ‘The Alienist’ written by Caleb Carr in 1994. The first part of the series was also nominated for the Emmy awards.


The series will witness Daniel bruhl returning as psychologist Dr Laszlo Kreizler,Luke Evans as  John Moore and Dakota Fanning as Sara Howard However, it will feature Douglas Smith, Mattew Shear, Robert Ray Wisdom andTed Levine but the confirmation call on Melanie Field and rosy McEwen has not been made . 

The Alienist :2 Know All About It

Will it premier on Netflix?

The first part of the series was not released on Netflix in the United States but the series was however released in Australia, Canada and the UK, the series was however premiered on the streaming live platform in the United States.

Updates are that the Alienist angel of darkness would be premiered on TNT(which is an American cable network). The first part of the series compromised 10 episodes and it is predicted that the second season will have 8 episodes. The episode of the second part outside the US will be released on Netflix platform but we will have to wait a little longer till mid of august.

What can we expect from 2 season? 

Season 2 of The Alienist will witness the carry forward part of the novel. However, the trailer of the second season looks very promising period drama and we could expect that the three main characters would team up to solve new case with more forensics techniques. 

In the first part Dr. Laszlo Kreizler, John Moore and Sara Howard teamed up to solve the case of brutal child murders.This time they teamed up to find the kidnapped girl who is the daughter of Spanish dignitary with high pressure on them to solve the case. but with the inclusion of Frank the series will get huge success just like the previous one.

Release date 

The Alienist:2 Angel of Darkness is set to be released on 19 July in the United States but we could expect that we might able to see the series in mid of August and September with all the 8 episodes.


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