The Alienist Season 2: There’s more here than meets the eye!!


The super-duper hit period drama is set to return with a bang!!

The Alienist, an American period drama, presented by TNT was one of the best TV shows in the year 2018. It is based on the novel by Caleb Carr bearing the same name. The first season was a ten-episode series which released on January 22, 2018.  On August 2018, TNT announced the coming up of the sequel. 

The television series based on the novel is work of culmination of fact and fiction. An ad-hoc team gathers in New York City set in mid-1890sto probe into a serial killing of street children. The characters are historical figures like Theodore Roosevelt, who was then the office bearer for the post of police commissioner for the term 1895 to 1897.

Release date

Interestingly enough the sequel is based on the follow-up novel The Angel of Darkness.  The television series will premiere the second season titled The Alienist: Angel of Darkness on July 19, 2020. The new release date is pre-poned by one week than its earlier scheduled date of July 26 for premiere.

The Alienist: Angel of Darkness is reserved for premiere on Sunday, July 19 at 9 p.m. ET/PT. The two episodes will be aired back-to-back. The entire season will see back-to-back episodes in the same time slot every week, and will complete the 8-episode season by August 9.

The Alienist Season 2: There’s more here than meets the eye!!


Now that the show is knocking at the door and the trailer is out, people are pretty sure of the cast. 

The basic cast will return for the The Alienist season 2, The Angel of Darkness. This enrolls the names like Daniel Brühl  as Dr. Laszlo Kreizler, Luke Evans as John Moore, and Dakota Fanning as Sara Howard

Douglas Smith as Marcus Isaacson, Matthew Shear as Lucius Isaacson, Robert Ray Wisdom as Cyrus, and Ted Levine as former NYPD Police Commissioner Thomas Byrnes will also appear as they were there in the first season. 

We are still awaiting the inclusion of Brian Geraghty as Theodore Roosevelt or Matt Lintz as Stevie Taggert. Few unknown leads are reserved for Melanie Field and Rosy McEwen. Female characters are incorporated to help the story to follow the disappointing death of Q’orianka Kilcher’s Mary Palmer in Season 1. 

The novel, The Angel of Darkness, though includes some more historic figures, including lawyer Clarence Darrow, women’s rights leader Elizabeth Cady Stanton, and painter Albert Pinkham Ryder. 

Story line

The help of Dr. Krezler is sought by a private investigator regarding the kidnapping of a Baby. Dr. Laszlo Kreizler brings back his support system of Sara Howard and John Moore to detect the kidnapper.

With the release of the official trailer the facts are unveiled to some extent about the upcoming storyline.

The two year long wait is to be over in few more days. Stay in tune for some more instant posts of trailers, if any.


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