The Amazing Spider-Man: Here are 5 things the movies left unresolved!


Yes, we are talking about The Amazing Spider-Man series starring Andrew Garfield. With Tom Holland’s third Spiderman film preparing for production and Jamie Foxx’s confirmation that he will be reprising the role of Electro, introduced in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Spiderman is on everyone’s minds. Dr. Strange, played by Benedict Cumberbatch, is also supposed to be appearing in the sequel. And he is the one hero who can open up the multiverse.

So, what are the questions that the Andrew Garfield led franchise left behind?

The heartbreaking end to Peter and Gwen Stacy’s (Emma Stone) relationship due to her death was supposed to later be followed by MJ Watson’s entrance into Peter’s life. Shailene Woodley even filmed scenes as MJ with Stone and Garfield but these were cut and the entire arc dropped with the abrupt wrap-up of the series.

 The series’ biggest disappointment was the large cast of characters it introduced without time to flesh them out. Thus, instead of a logical conclusion to the Norman Osborne storyline, Harry Osborne or Green Goblin (Dane DeHaan) quickly picked up the mantle. So, what happened with Norman’s cryogenically frozen head and Harry’s fears of facing the same fate as his father. There was much more to the Green Goblin story than we got.

There was a practically-not-there role of Black Cat or Felicia Hardy (played by Felicity Jones), introduced as Harry’s assistant. The actress, who has become much better known now, did seem interested later in returning to the role but that was a storyline that never led anywhere. 

The fate of Electro is what brings this topic back around and how this franchise ties back into the future of Marvel. Jamie Foxx is to come back in the Tom Holland film and he will be blue but is the character returning from a previous franchise or a new take on it? Did Electro survive his water-and-electricity-combined death? Is he a threat to the entire Spider-verse?

The rushed end of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 could have been due to Sony’s impatience in introducing the Sinister Six. At the end of the film, there were teasers for Doc Ock and Vulture in addition to established villains Green Goblin, Electro and Rhino (Paul Giamatti). Will the supervillain team-up that was possibly intended now take place in the Tom Holland movie? 


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