The Ancient Magus Bride Season 2, Here is what you should know

The Ancient Magus Bride Season 2, Here is what you should know
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Kore Yamazaki is the author and illustrator of the Japanese manga series The Ancient Magus’ Bride. It’s published in Mag Garden’s Monthly Comic Garden magazine and is distributed by Seven Seas Entertainment in North America. Wit Studio created a three-part prologue anime OVA, and an anime television series ran from October 2017 to March 2018. In September 2021, Studio Kafka will release an original three-part OVA series.

The Ancient Magus Bride – Synopsis

Chise Hatori, an orphaned Japanese high school girl who has been shunned by both her family and society, decides to sell herself at an auction in order for someone else to take her in and give her a new home. Elias Ainsworth, a seven-foot-tall humanoid with an animal skull for a head, buys her for five million pounds at a London auction. In her new nation, Great Britain, the magus, who appears to be more demon than human, either offers her the light she so desperately craves or drowns her in even deeper depths. The sitcom tells a bizarre and spooky narrative about a love slice-of-life scenario.

Norihiro Naganuma directed a prequel titled ‘The Ancient Magus’ Bride: Those Awaiting a Star,’ or as the Japanese name it ‘Mah Tsukai no Yome: Hoshi Matsu Hito,’ with writing by Aya Takaha. It is based on Kore Yamazaki’s original narrative. Funimation licenced the anime television series in North America, and Crunchyroll awarded it the ‘Best Drama’ category at their 2017 anime awards. Manga Entertainment will distribute a home video series in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

The Ancient Magus Bride Season 2, Here is what you should know
Source: Trinikid

Mahoutsukai No Yome Season 2

Mahoutsukai no Yome’s first season began on October 8, 2017 and ended on March 25, 2018. It is difficult for us to claim that there has been no official announcement for Mahoutsukai No Yome Season 2

As a result, we are unable to provide you with a precise date for the renewal of Mahoutsukai no Yome Season 2 at this time. Any additional information will have to wait until the second season. For the 2nd Season, no formal announcement has been made. As a result, the official trailer has yet to be released. But, to give you an indication of what will happen next, I’m going to show you an official trailer from the previous season.

The Ancient Magus’ Bride (Mahoutsukai no Yome) has an IMDb rating of 7.8 out of 10, indicating the show’s popularity among fans. According to Twitter, people are eagerly anticipating Mahoutsukai no Yome Season 2.

Mahoutsukai no Yome Season 2 is one of the finest shows, and many fans, including me, like it. It also tells the narrative of a 14-year-old girl, which is absolutely heartwarming for the audience. However, there is currently no confirmation of the debut date, which is quite upsetting for fans.

Mahoutsukai No Yome – Hoshi Matsu Hito Episode 2 release date

As mentioned above, there is no release for Mahoutsukai No Yome season 2 yet! So, even confirming updates on Mahoutsukai No Yome – Hoshi Matsu Hito Episode 2 release is quite not possible. However, we will be updating you as soon as something new gets confirmed.

Mahoutsukai No Yome Season 3

There are no such updates about the release date for Mahoutsukai No Yome Season 3, we will surely be updating you as soon as things get confirmed officially! Stay tuned with us in The Justice Online to get more latest updates in the future.

The Ancient Magus Bride Season 2, Here is what you should know
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The Ancient Magus Bride Season 3 Release Date   

Season 1 of The Ancient Magus’ Bride started on October 8, 2017 and finished on March 25, 2018. On September 10, 2016, the ONA presented The Ancient Magus’ Bride: Those Awaiting a Star. We regret to inform you that there has been no confirmation of a second season, much to the disappointment of fans throughout the world. It’s one of those anime shows that screams for a second season and will almost certainly get one, but only after a ten-year wait.

However, given that the manga is still in print and that the first season was an economic success, there is no reason to expect anything different. There is enough source material for two more seasons, and given the show’s economic success, money isn’t an issue. It is not an issue of if or whether a new season will be released; rather, it is a question of when. If The Ancient Magus’ Bride is renewed, season 2 (also known as The Ancient Magus’ Bride season 3) is expected to premiere in 2021.

The Ancient Magus Bride – Cast Members

Chise Hatori: Chise Hatori is the anime’s most lovable character, originally voiced by Atsumi Tanezaki in the Japanese version and Dani Chambers in the English version. Personally, I like the character’s development, and while she starts out a little clichéd, she manages to fully debunk that concept by the conclusion of the 20th episode.

Chise, the story’s protagonist who ventured to sell her life, is adamant about meeting her fate and does not give in under duress. When she was a child, her father abandoned his family, and her mother and she were left to fend for themselves by her brother.

Her mother, unable to cope with the separation and driven insane, kills herself directly in front of her eyes, leaving her alone in the world. If that wasn’t bad enough for a little girl, her immediate family turned on her and abandoned her on the streets, most likely due to the taboo surrounding her mother’s death. She walks the streets aimlessly, her health progressively failing. She has no one in the world to care for her. With nowhere else to turn, she decides to sell herself as a slave at an auction in order to find a new home.

After that, Elias comes on the scene. He notices her and buys her for a staggering sum of 5 million pounds. A simple remark I’d want to make, which came to me pretty literally while watching this anime, is the cost of human life. There was no one ready to take Chise in when she was wandering the streets without a place to stay. However, as soon as she surrendered her independence to society, she became the most expensive human being on the planet. When freedom and ownership were taken into consideration, a soul that was not worth a dime sold for 5 million pounds.

The Ancient Magus Bride Season 2, Here is what you should know
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This says a lot about the fundamental roots of our society, and while it doesn’t play a big part in the anime’s broader narrative, it’s absolutely worth thinking about.

Elias, on the other hand, takes care of her and provides her with a home. She learns the truth about her existence and the natural talents that come with it here. She discovers that she is a sleigh buggy,’ a sort of magician that possesses great power but must take it from the environment or her own body. As a result, the bodies of sleigh buggies’ are put under a great deal of stress and strain, and they tend to die young. After learning this, she began taking lessons from Elias, who taught her how to handle magic.

Elias Ainsworth: While his exact beginnings are unclear, it is widely assumed that he is a product of ‘The Shadows of the Forest.’ Except for the fact that he studied magic under Master Lindenbaum, there are no clear allusions to his background. Because he lacks a complete background to go with his looks, it’s possible that he has both human and faerie ancestors. This is due to his humanoid size and the fact that he has an animal skull for a head, probably that of a goat.

Many believe he experimented with dark magic as a child, which backfired, robbing him of his human form and destroying his memory. However, there are no official data to support this claim, so treat it with caution! Elias is occasionally referred to as “The Thorn Mage” by his close friends, who call him “The Child of Thorns.”

Most other fairies detest him, primarily because of his terrible attitude, but he seems unconcerned about this. He is devoid of fundamental decency and human feelings, and he despises children. His heart, on the other hand, is generally in the right place, as seen by his interactions with Chise. He’s someone you’ll learn to admire over time, but you’ll never be able to relate to him.

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