The Bachelor is supposedly the fastest-growing professional sport in America!

Courtesy: Vanity Fair

You may have guessed that The Bachelor is just a reality show about finding love but it isn’t. It has now become a competitive sport where isolated players suffering from the peaks of mental and physical condition ought to survive a 10-round game of attrition against 30 competitors, fairly.

To Lizzy Pace and Chad Kultgen, The Bachelor is a game with its won set of point system, stats, and a pool of prior and current players who provide enough content to justify being a part of an ESPN-style post show. There have been cards defined for the show as well. For example, a “PTC” is a “personal tragedy card” that is deployed when players reveal their past trauma.

Courtesy: Vanity Fair

On the other hand, a “huju” is the “hug-jump” that makes a female player run, jump, and wrap their legs around the male lead. In fact, former Bachelorette contestant Tyler Cameron has also calculated “rose quotients” or “R.Q. scores” that define a player’s ability to catch hold of roses outside of a Rose Ceremony. Cameron revealed this in an E! News interview.


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