The Batman Begins Scene That Christian Bale Slept Through on Set!!

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Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy is one of the best on-screen batman story-telling to date. It begins with Batman Begins which is continued in the latter two parts of the trilogy with a realistic tone. 

Superheroes can’t rest, but actors can!!

Waking Bruce up, Alfred Pennyworth tells him that bats are nocturnal and let the sunlight fill the room. We can’t blame Bruce for sleeping because living a dual life is not easy and being a superhero is definitely not. But later it was revealed that it wasn’t Bruce who was sleeping, it was Bale.

In another scene, Bruce woke up to find Alfred and Lucius Fox. Before that scene, Bale had fallen asleep. He was in a deep sleep that he didn’t hear anything. 

Caine and Freeman were unaware of this thing because Bale wasn’t snoring. 

Batman Begins was best described by Sir Michael Cane. He said that it is the first time that a version of Batman has really begun. Batman Begins is a film portraying Bruce Wayne played by Christian Bale and not a cartoon character this time. This time it was played by a man who is traumatized. In this movie, he fights for justice and visits the League of Shadow to learn some valuable skills like sword fighting and hypothermia prevention. Wayne also refuses to get a life when he was asked to burn a building full of people.

Batman Begins the end by beginning more Batman!!

Batman has never imagined the ninjas with whom he was hanging out were planning a coup de grace all the time. 

In the end, Batman comes into the spotlight at the Gotham Police Department and starts working for his Batcave. 

There is no supervillain in the Batman series, but the devil’s advocate is Batman’s ultimate enemy.

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Batman and Superman should have a bromance!!

Fans want both of them to trust each other more and team up more strongly rather than competing among themselves sometimes. In Frank Miller’s Dark Knight Returns, their sour relationship was portrayed.

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