The Batman set photo otos to reveal a wild Tim Burton connection


Hola Batman fans!!!

Once again, our superhero is back with one more opportunity to win the heart of his fans with his upcoming movie “The Batman” on 4th March 2022, starring Robert Pattinson as lead actor a.k.a. Batman, and Zoe Kravitz as Catwoman. The movie was first going to get premiered in 2021 but got delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic and the shooting has been finally resumed after six months of break.


Pictures shared on social media:

Plenty of pre-movie shoot pictures have been shared on twitter by the actors and director, Matt Reeves. These photos are between the shot photos with poses such as standing for the shoot or of acting and the crew and actors were following all sorts of pandemic protocols such as wearing masks and using sanitizer.

The fuss about Kravitz’s boots:

An exciting thing that fans noticed was the long leather boots that Zoe Kravitz was wearing, not because that was stylish as hell but because it resembled the pair of boots worn by Michelle Pfeiffer in the original 1992 Batman Returns movie by Tim Burton.

 Exactly the same!!!

We can also know many things from the photos, like Colin Farewell’s awesome look as Oswald Cobblepot A.K.A. The Penguin many fans were unable to recognize him due to his makeup.

Some more about pictures:

We can also notice that the outdoor scene has been revived from the funeral scene of the trailer in Gotham city. we can see batman wearing the same costume which he was wearing in the other scene too.

About Bike:

We can also discount the designs of batmanwomen’smen’s motorcycles, the bike has many resemblances to the original batman movie like the bat ear, and wings in the bike.

Even though the industry and Shooting have been greatly affected by the novel coronavirus, the shooting of “The Batman” shooting is also postponed. The cast and crew members are doing their best to present everyone with a great and legendry movie. 

Let’s wait for 2022 and look like the movie is going to be praiseworthy!!!


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