‘The Beginning After the End’: Light Novel and now also available as Webcomic!

‘The Beginning After the End’: Light Novel and now also available as Webcomic!
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About the author of ‘The Beginning After the End’

Kkeut-i Anin Sijag also popularly known as The Beginning After the End is a high-fantasy action packed manhwa, a term used for Korean comics and webtoons. It is highly recommended to the fans of the action-adventure-fantasy genre. The author of the series is an anonymous writer with his pen name as TurtleMe. He is a graduate of Berkeley and is identified as a corporate job worker. He was yet another exhausted worker at a stable company who found his escape in the world of fantasy novels, web fictions or manhwa. One day, on his way home from work, He opened his laptop and started typing his imaginations while sipping on a cup of coffee at Starbucks and that’s how ‘The Beginning After the End’ found its way to our hearts.

‘The Beginning After the End’: Light Novel and now also available as Webcomic!
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‘The Beginning After the End’ manhwa is based on the original light novels by TurtleMe. The writer used to release weekly chapters for his fans and was later approached by Tapas Studio, which offered him to adapt the writing into a comic. The author remembered why he started writing in the first place and instantly agreed to head in the direction of webcomics. TurtleMe is the writer as we know and the illustrating artist of the comic is Fuyuki23. The art style used by Fuyuki23 will make you wonder how talented an artist he is.

Synopsis of the series

The story is followed by the reincarnation of the King Grey who somehow has all the memories of his past life and because of which he realizes that he was assassinated in his previous life. The main protagonist of the story, Arthur Leywin formerly known as the King Grey is reborn at the continent named Dicathen. Arthur starts his new life as a baby with all the lessons from his past life and decides to live this new life differently as he has learnt all his lessons when he was the king. It is an absolute pleasure to watch the journey of the newborn. The challenges he faced, the new relationships he develops and all the magical powers of the place he was born with. Arthur gets stronger as the author adds new challenges to his life. He meets a monster as well on his journey and unlike his lonely life as a king, he builds up strong with his family and friends. There are a whole lot of interesting characters and some of them are annoying too, but cool Dragons will make up for them and honestly who doesn’t love dragons?

‘The Beginning After the End’: Light Novel and now also available as Webcomic!

Watching Arthur grow into a wise man is what attracts readers the most. He unlocks his powers at a very young age all because of his wisdom as a king in his previous life. As the young boy grows over the years, he becomes more powerful and fights off his opponents which are much more vicious every time there’s an action scene. This webcomic has it all, whether it be detailed action scenes or the emotions of the protagonist. Everything in this manhwa is thoroughly detailed and can make you cry or laugh or even make you angry at some point or the other.

Arthur is an adventurer. When he was four years of age, he was lost into the woods of Elshire and accidently saw some slave traders who kidnapped elf princess, Tessia Eralith. Yes! you definitely read it right this webcomic also has elves and did I mention magic? Continuing the story… Arthur made a plan to escape the princess and was successful with his plan as well. After escaping her, Arthur consoled Tessia and made a promise to escort her to her kingdom safe and sound. While they were on a journey for a week, they both grew comfortable and closer to each other. They grew so close to each other that Arthur even came to short name basis, ‘Tess’ for Tessia and ‘Art’ for Arthur. To say the least and not giving much of the plot away. Tessia is Arthur’s love interest and their love sprinkles the magic of romance genre as well.

‘The Beginning After the End’: Light Novel and now also available as Webcomic!
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Overall, this manhwa is a mixture of all the genres and is proven till now to be one of the most watched webcomics. It is rated highly on the action-fantasy genre.


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