The Best 7 Films That You Can Stream On Netflix Right Now!

The Best 7 Films That You Can Stream On Netflix Right Now!
The Best 7 Films That You Can Stream On Netflix Right Now!

There are plenty of films which you must watch on Netflix right now. Thousands of which are considered best of its time and the algorithm used in Netflix makes it easy sometimes but it is most difficult to find what you exactly want to watch.

To make it simple, we have done some research for you and the hard work needed to dig down some of the best 7 titles to watch on Netflix right now:

  • I’m Thinking of Ending Things: This amazing movie is from Charlie Kaufman and it is considered to be the best movie on Netflix so far. The storyline is based on a novel of the same name by Iain Reid. 

It has scored as 6.8/10 on IMDB. Here is a quick trailer for you: I’m Thinking of Ending Things 

American Honey: It’s a teen epic story where the lead character is seen running away and finding herself in a crew of young people roaming around the country. With lots of amazing soundtracks, full of energy, mesmerizing filming. You will traverse through the heart of America while watching this movie. 

A must watch. It has scored, 7/10 on the IMDb portal. Check out the trailer to make up your mind: 

Lady Bird: The scoreboard of rotten tomatoes says that it has got a rating of 8.75/10.

Which is considered more than an autobiography? The mother-daughter duo has played the role perfectly with all the love and complexities that can happen in that bond. 

  • Atlantics: The love story of, Ada a 17-year-old lady a construction worker Souleiman in Senegal takes a turn when some of the co-workers of Souleiman disappear at sea in a boat. Some of those missing people haunt their neighborhoods, some avenge for underpayments, but Souleiman had other plans.

A ghost story that is romantic, and highlights some crucial issues on working in Senegal. It’s hard to categorize in some genre, you can see it for yourself on why! 

  • The Artist: It is one of the best movies which has won multiple Oscars, but have faded in time soon after on Netflix. However, the blend fo fun and cleverness deserve to be in your watchlist.
  • Sleepy Hollow: The fun, drama, spookiness already involved as a part of Halloween celebration worth experiencing the ‘sleepy Hollow ‘movie. Starring Johnny Depp as police constable who is investigating a series of beheadings.
  • Okja: It’s a sci-fi adventure movie based on the modern food industry. Meat production is the center of discussion while this movie was released. With an amazing storyline, eye-popping visuals, and great actions make this an amazing pick from Netflix. So don’t miss it 

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