The Best Episode Of Queen Of The South

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As per the official report from IMDb which says “Queen of the South” fans have rated its last episodes so high that heeded it right at the top. This amazing series got a huge fanbase after its action-packed storyline. Before this fans never experienced such type of drama full of guns and explosions. 

There are a variety of new guns with exceptional features and amazing gunshots. Well, as per what fans say, it’s none other than the star Teresa Mendoza who is in the lead role with a kind heart throughout the series. Teresa is a cartel leader like no other. 

She is in the lead role of the series with targeting a large number of deals having heavy quantities of illegal drugs. The time when the guns come up at work is when somebody tries to get into her way to harm her business. 

Apart from this, her moral compass is rather higher than her action because she cares a lot for her entire security team and never treated them as partners, but treated them as her family. 

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The Best Episode of Queen of the South: ‘Vienen por Ti’ 

This is the final episode of its recently released season 4 with the highest IMDb rating. This because the IMDb users confirmed this episode with everything just on the peak and undoubtedly it’s the all-time best episode of Queen of the South. 

Not only the final episode but the complete season 4 is a package of a large number of twists, turns, shocks, and heartbreak. The season starts with a scene where it shows that Teresa and her entire teammates are in a new city. Later in the season, it was shown that the cartel queen to run her business opens her new tequila bar. 

It was seen on the locals’ civilian’s behavior that they were not happy to have the Mexican beauty in their town.  They directly didn’t say this but make it known through extortion and intimidation. However, Teresa was prepared for everything that comes her way up. She continues to outmaneuver her enemies not at a particular moment but throughout the complete season. 

This is all we know about the best episode of the famous series Queen of the South, do we leave out anything to add? Let us know. 


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