The Best Episodes of The Golden Girls

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The series was based on four ladies living together in Florida.Emmy- winning sitcom and also among one of those few shows which focused on older women. Some of the best episodes of this greatest sitcom are as follows.

Isn’t it romantic – Season 2, Episode 5

The best episode of the series is also among the most daring ones. After the death of her partner, Dorothy’s friend Jean pays a visit and strikes up a friendship with Rose which later on becomes awkward as she develops romantic feelings for Rose who was completely unaware of Jane’s sexual orientation. To tackle such subject in the 80’s for a sitcom was daring enough, the show handled it with sensitivity and lot of humour, specifically when Blanche becomes upset that Jane isn’t in love with her.

One flew out of the Cuckoo’s nest – Season 7, Episode 23

In the two-part series finale, Dorothy finds true love  and marry off to Blanche’s uncle Lucas. The series ends on a very sad note with Dorothy’s marriage and finally finding happiness, leaving the house permanently. 

Old friends – Season 3 , Episode 1

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In this Sofia’s old friend Alvin comes to the town and after noticing him behaving erratically, Sophia learns that he has Alzheimer’s disease   

A little Romance – Season 1, Episode 13

Rose hides the truth of her dating a little man from Dorothy and Blanche. When they get pretty serious about their relationship, Rose introduce her new boyfriend to Dorothy, Blanche and Rose without mentioning that he is a little person which creates some awkward moments. In this every moment is the best. 

It’s A Miserable Life – Season 2, Episode 4

In this women team up together to save and old oak tree. Rose tries to convince the local crank, Mrs. Claxton to save the old oak tree on her property. In the heat up debate, Blanche end up telling Mrs. Claxton to drop dead which she does and Rose end up blaming herself for this. The roommates comes to realise that the angry women was extremely lonely with no friends and family and they decide to throw a funeral for her.


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