The Best Horror Movies Of 2021

Courtesy: Marie Claire

If you are a true fan of horror and thrill, then this article is for you only. After facing horror in real life in the form of the year 2020, makers of horror movies are going to spook us in 2021 with some movies which are going to thrill us.

So, let’s have a spook peak at which movies are going to release in 2021 which won’t allow you to step down from your bed in dark:

HALLOWEEN KILLS (15th October 2021):

Starring Jamie Lee Curtis and Judy Greer in lead roles, Halloween Kills will narrate the story of 2018 about Laurie and her family, who stood up and took a stand against injustice by Michael Myers.



ESCAPE ROOM 2 (2021):

The movie will follow an interesting concept that what happens when you got into a maze with your friends. Not the place to escape from. The only way is to solve a puzzle in time to get out of it.


CANDYMAN (27th August 2021):

The story will revolve around a supernatural murderer who takes the life of the Green neighbourhood in Chicago’s Cabrini. The killer is known to hypnotize anyone who takes his name five times looking into the mirror. It is the sequel of 1992’s Candyman.


DON’T BREATHE 2 (13th August 2021):

If you have watched the first part of the movie, its main character was the Blind Man. And now in the sequel he has adopted a blind girl. They live with peace together in the woods. But one day some criminals kidnap the girl which forces the Man to get out of the woods.



The third movie of The Conjuring series, it will focus on the murder of people who gives the excuse of being possessed in the court.

A QUIET PLACE PART 2 (23rd April 2021):

Courtesy: Screen Rant

As we know, the movie revolves around Abbott Family. They will continue to fight with aliens (who hated noise). They are forced to leave their house and live on the farm far away from their home. 


Write down in the comment section which movie you all are going to watch. And stay tuned for more updates about future movies, shows, and series.


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