The Best Lakers Games in 2020

    The Best Lakers Games in 2020
    The Best Lakers Games in 2020

    The chances are high that you have noticed that this year can be described as a whole “blown mind” in all possible spheres of life. You cannot enjoy your usual lifestyle, walk in the streets without a mask, pop in your favorite cafes that easily, or visit basketball games. The latter is heartbreaking for a huge army of fans. We can only recall the best games of the Los Angeles Lakers that happened at the beginning of this catastrophic year.

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    This season has stood out from the rest since the Lakers showed genuinely great results and pleased their admirers with a real “show.” Actually, this spring, the Lakers could enter the playoffs and become a new champion for the first time since 2010. This season is characterized by emotional rise and fall, as well as the never-before-seen shutdown in the middle of the season.

    1. February 1st, 2020, Los Angeles Lakers at Sacramento Kings

    When the legend of the Los Angeles Lakers, Kobe Bryant, passed away, the team was emotionally crushed, so it is not surprising they couldn’t gather themselves together and lost the game against the Portland Trail Blazers. Who could blame them? It was a huge loss. However, it seemed they froze their despair and negative emotions to take them out on their next rival.

    Thus, the Sacramento Kings got into hot water. The Los Angeles Lakers managed to score 81 points in the half that was the maximal point total in the season at the time. When the game was over, they scored 130 points. And one of the most exciting things about the game is that all these points were scored not just by the “stars” of the team, the bench players got 58 points, and seven players of the first team got double figures. Someone may say that it was an easy win since their rival was less skillful, but it appeared to be rather an outburst of emotions.

    1. January 11th, 2020, Los Angeles Lakers at Oklahoma City Thunder

    When the Oklahoma City Thunder got rid of their two-star players, people expected them to become one of the league’s weakest teams. However, they managed to prove themselves as one of the strongest opponents and a legitimate playoff applicant. When the Lakers met them in January, they could boast of seven wins out of eight games. And since the Lakers’ superstars were absent because of the injuries, nobody expected them to win this battle.

    However, this game showed that people underestimate this team, and they can find their second wind when necessary. Two players of the team who were struggling for most of the season stood out from the rest. Thus, Kyle Kuzma scored 36 points, and Rajon Rondo got 21 points, showing an outstanding performance against his main rival.

    In general, this game demonstrated that the team could achieve success against the Oklahoma City Thunder even without their key players. And if you want to show excellent results in studying, you should order essay online when you realize that you cannot meet the deadline and get A-grade papers.

    1. March 1st, 2020, Los Angeles Lakers at New Orleans Pelicans

    People expected to see Zion Williamson on the floor against skillful NBA players. While he showed great college results, fans didn’t expect him to demonstrate alike results in the NBA. His finest hour took place right in the first game against the Lakers and its superstar, LeBron. Even though the rookie managed to score an impressive 35 points, the time-proven winner, LeBron managed to show “who is daddy here.” Once again, people saw that the old guard has a lot to show to the newcomers.

    1. February 23rd, 2020, Boston Celtics at Los Angeles Lakers

    Every basketball fan is looking forward to seeing the competition of the great rivals, the Lakers and Celtics. So, when people felt anticipation and thrill because of it. Well, they were not disappointed since the teams showed a great game. And the fact that the teams are on equal footing for the first time in about seven years was another log on the fire. That’s why the Lakers’ admirers were extremely disappointed to see their favorite lose by 32 points against the Celtics when they met in January for the first time. However, everything changed this time, and the very beginning of the game showed that the Lakers craved this win more than ever. Nobody knew who would win the game till the end. However, fate was on the Lakers’ side, so they won the game.

    1. February 12th, 2020, Los Angeles Lakers at Denver Nuggets

    The 2018-19 season was pretty successful for the Denver Nuggets since they took second place in the Western Conference. So, when the Lakers faced them on the floor, it was a good indicator of their skillfulness and potential. They had exchanged wins in the first two competitions, so their third game was crucial. It was one of the most fascinating and exciting games of the season in the league. It was hard to predict who would win the battle since the lead regularly changed. However, the Lakers’ superstar, Anthony Davis, took advantage of the overtime, but the final dot in the game, and hit a three-pointer.




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