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Bloopers from “The Big Bang Theory” are frequently as entertaining as the show itself. Looking at Jim Parson, Kaley Cuoco, or any of the other actors is always amusing and gives you the impression that you are getting to know them as people. It’s always a good time to make fun of them. Cuoco appears to be a lot of fun because she is always laughing and playing. When Johnny Galecki’s lines are ruled up, he laughs and exclaims, “Balls!” Kunal Nayyar, in particular, appears to be more likely than the other actors to become tongue-tied.

When you watch the “Greater Bang Theory” on YouTube, you’ll notice a pattern in the clips of the man played by sweater-loving astrophysicalist Rajesh Koothrappali. He either forgets where he is, doesn’t say his line — he once missed his cue because the delicious soup distracted him — or can’t get the line out for some reason. The best time Raj had ever broken character was when he was having difficulty providing a language line of dialogue. It was such a fight that his co-stars became concerned.

 The Iconic “Come on Kunal”

The scene in question was “The Holographic Excitement” from Season 6, in which Raj helped plan a Halloween party in Stuart’s comic book shop (Kevin Sussman). Raj sits with his friends in the café Caltech early in the episode, telling them about his fashion sense. The phrase “By the way, may I borrow your fedora and bullfight? I was considering dressing up as Indiana Jones’ mocha-skinned love child.” And he can’t just act like he’s pulling it out. To be fair, it’s a difficult line to walk. The words “of” and “as,” like “Indian Jones,” are easily confused, and “mocha-skinned love child” is simply unpleasant. Everything adds up to a line that any actor would struggle to deliver. But Nayyar appears to be so engrossed that he can’t help but get it wrong.

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