The season 4 of Rick and Morty was full of hilarious moments and quotes. The characters made some very hilarious quotes in the season and today we bring to you 10 best quotes from the season.


    1. “First Off, I Always Slay It, Queen” was used by Rick when his grandchild had asked for a dragon of his own. He used it when the Dragon sent a fire ball inside their house.
    2. “You Little Monster! I Thought You Were Mastur****ng!” was also used by Rick when he and Morty had gone to retrieve some death crystals and Morty had sneaked one up his pants. 
  • “I’m Man Enough To Say ‘I’m Going To Poop’, And I’d Be Honored To Have Ron Howard Involved” was used by Jerry when Rick was flaunting about his private on a secluded planet. The line has a hilarious pun to it. 

  • “Ok Wendy’s! We Like Going To Wendy’s! I Think They Gave Us Some Money” was used by Rick in the seasons’ commercial promotion of ‘Wendy’s’ and also to bring a truce between Morty and Beth. 
  • “If Morty Ever Gives Up On A Single Dream, It Better Be Because of His Own Disillusionment” was used by Morty’s mother to clear it out to him that she thinks he is a failure. Bit dramatic isn’t it?
  • “Camping Is Just Being Homeless Without The Change” was used by Rick when the Smith family decided to have a vacation on the planet Gaia. Their trip is ruined as Gaia is infested with kids and that too of Rick!
  • “You Know What Shy Pooping Is, Rick? It’s A Pointless Bid For Control” was used by Tony while he was having a poop in Rick’s private toilet. Hilarious as it is, the quote is thought provoking if you think. 
  • “You Just Looked Right Into The Bleeding Jaws Of Capitalism And Said ‘Yes Dad Please’” was used by Rick at the end of the episode titled Never Ricking Morty. He used it to sum up the episode that happened on a toy train bought by Morty.
  •  “You Ruined The Season Premiere!” was used by Rick and Morty together to chide Summer for ruining the season premiere. Hilariously the quote is used at the very end of the season.
  • “You Son Of A B**** – I’m In” was used by Rick’s heist crew members in what is said as the most hilarious moments in season 4.

Which one is your favorite? Comment your answer down.


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