The Best Zombie Movies You Should See At Least Once


In terms of content, there’s a little something for everyone, whether you’re a lover of massive zombie battles or prefer more human-focused films. Check out the Netflix zombie treasures.

Apocalyptic zombies take over Las Vegas in “Army of the Dead,” directed by Zack Snyder. An Area 51 experiment gone wrong unleashes hell on Sin City in this thriller. However, there’s still one more chance for a courageous band of gamblers to spin the dice once the town is walled off. A crew of zombie-slayers is challenged to pull off the ultimate heist by breaking into the casino vault, which contains millions of dollars in gold and silver coins to save the city from a nuclear bomb. 

However, the job becomes unexpectedly complex, and they’ll all have to fight for success and survival as they race against the undead and a ticking clock, even if they’re experts at murdering zombies. Army of the Dead’s protagonists are in for a wild ride with a slew of curiously clever walkers and questions of trust within their ranks, but the true winners are the viewers at home who get to witness the gruesome action unfold on screen.

Isn’t it great to be a gamer who enjoys spending time alone at home when the world outside is unexpectedly upended by a deadly virus? We meet Oh Joon-woo in the South Korean film #Alive, a teenager who likes to spend his time in a virtual world until the reality around him crumbles, and his neighbours start assaulting each other with cannibalistic rage. After his digital communications break down and he discovers he has no food or hope of escaping, his family’s residence becomes a prison from which he may never be able to leave. As for whether Joon-woo can use his technological savvy to his advantage against the undead uprising, you’ll have to wait and see.

Not being able to defend your child is the scariest thing in the world, especially when there are ravenous corpses all around. As Andy and his wife and a young girl struggle to survive in the Australian Outback, we follow their story in “Cargo.” On the other hand, Andy must race against the clock to find a safe environment where his child can have a chance at a future. The problem is that in this horrific new world, it’s not just the undead who are capable of being inhuman. So along with protecting his infant from the Outback’s biters, Andy will also have to deal with some diabolical survivors and his peculiar new urges. It is a must-see for zombie enthusiasts who want a more contemplative look at what it means to survive and still have hope at the end of the world.



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