The Big Sky: an ultimate mysterious tale

'Big Sky' Trailer: The Search for 2 Sisters Kicks Off David E. Kelley's Thriller
'Big Sky' Trailer: The Search for 2 Sisters Kicks Off David E. Kelley's Thriller

Julien and Cupid went on a trip to the hills. On the third day, they find, the caretaker of the cottage is a mess, when they inquired, they realized that two visitors were missing and their family kept frantically searching for them.

Almost by the end of the day, they get a call, a voice from the other side said that the two visitors were kidnapped. What do you think happened then?

Sorry Guys, I cannot complete the tale now. But I just wanted to give you a flavor of what I have in store for you all in today’s news nutshell.

The broadcasting channel ABC released an extension to its mystery series ‘Big Sky’, from the maker David E Kelly’s old one ‘Big Little Lies.’

The viewers are surely going to get engaged in an engrossing tale. The teaser gives us a clue that the mystery and the thrill attached to it will be much bigger than the story of the two missing visitors.

Here we have detectives Casie Dwell portrayed by Kylie Bunbury and Cody Hoyt played by Ryan Phillippe who will join the forces with Hoyt’s estranged wife and ex-cop Jenny in search of the missing sisters who have been taken away by a truck driver on a Montana Road.

The story goes deep and the thrill sharpens when the investigators realize that the two girls aren’t the only ones missing from the area. The search for the culprit goes on and the team is determined to find the culprit before more lives fall into the trap.

We will have a team of great casts with Bunbury, Phillippe and Winners are Brian Geraghty, Dede Pfeiffer, Natalie Alyn Lind, Jade Petty John, Jess James, Keitel, Valarie Mahaffey, and John Carroll Lynch.

Therefore, it is my request guys please do not miss the chance of having a thrilling journey with this mystery on ABC on the 17th of November.

Keep Chilling! 

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