The Bizarre Story Behind Neekolul’s Rise To Fame

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In 2020, Neekolul appeared out of nowhere, mesmerising viewers with her Bernie Sanders-themed dance Tik Tok, set to the tune of Senzawa’s “Oki Doki Boomer.” She’s reportedly worth millions of dollars, but she claims she hasn’t seen any of it, and her popularity continues to rise.

While most fans are familiar with Neeko’s TikToks and YouTube videos, her rapid rise to fame has obscured some of her earlier work and influences. Trolls were an unintended consequence of Neeko’s recent success. Despite her best efforts, Neekolul is continuously harassed online by people who want to know every detail about her, including how she looks without makeup. Even though Neeko’s fans can be a little lewd at times, she’s taken it all in stride and maintained a positive attitude. Neeko has remained in the spotlight by opening up to her fans about personal trauma, continuing to produce fun material, and remaining true to herself. 

It’s time to delve into Neeko’s history and discover how this TikTok phenomenon grew from a viral hit to something far bigger. 

Neekolul grew up playing video games. 

Despite being popular for a viral dancing TikTok, Neekolul has always loved video games. Neeko told KnowYourMeme that she’s always enjoyed video games, beginning with the PlayStation. She explained, “I’ve always been into gaming since I was a child.” “It all began with a PS1 when I was seven years old, and my passion for gaming has only grown since then.” As Neeko grew older, she realised she wanted to make a career out of her passion for video games, but she didn’t know how. She plunged right into the deep end of online content after a friend offered to support her stream. 

For the most part, Neekolul has switched to PC gaming, where she streams games like League of Legends and Dead by Daylight. 

On her Twitter account, Neeko regularly addresses her passion for video games. “Sex is fleeting, gaming is forever,” she tweeted, expressing her undying passion for video games. Although the tweet was a sly dig at fellow streamer Froste, Neeko’s enthusiasm for video games is palpable. She’s a League of Legends prodigy who can hold her own against the 100 Thieves. It’s not for a lack of respect for the game that Neeko has never chosen to be a major Twitch streamer.

Initially, Neekolul attempted to become a YouTuber. 

Many fans equate Neekolul with viral fame, but she actually worked for a few years before becoming popular. Neeko had a dream of becoming a YouTuber and had even filmed some videos to help her get started. 

Though most of Neeko’s early videos have been removed, her very first YouTube video can be found with a little internet searching. Neeko gave a Spanish-language apartment tour of her home in one of her early episodes, kindly showing her viewers around. The video’s description references Twitch, implying that Neeko was already a Twitch streamer on her way to internet celebrity. 

Neeko started moving into the gaming and meme realm after experimenting with a number of videos on YouTube and streaming League of Legends on the side. She also used other social media sites such as Twitter, Instagram, and, most infamously, TikTok, where her Bernie meme went viral. 

The bottom line is that, while Neekolul appeared out of nowhere, she had been secretly working as a content creator for quite some time. Years of gaming and fine-tuning her onscreen persona have led to her success. Neeko’s vivid personality shines through even in her early videos, such as the house tour. 

Neekolul’s humble beginnings 

Neekolul danced on social media before her Bernie dance went viral, including on TikTok. Neeko’s first TikTok video featured her dancing to Lil Boom’s “Already Dead.” Neeko didn’t come up with her sweet steps on her own because “Already Dead” inspired a TikTok dance challenge, but that didn’t stop her from nailing it. 

Neeko explained in an interview celebrating her inclusion in 100 Thieves that her first TikTok video received a few hundred thousand views, making her feel welcome on the site. Neeko was reluctant to use TikTok at first, but she soon realised that the TikTok community adored her, so she started making more videos. Neeko went on to compete in several other dance challenges after her first video before moving on to other types of videos. Neeko channelled her inner Sofia Vergara in one TikTok to celebrate her Latin heritage. 

Neekolul’s dance to “Oki Doki Boomer” went viral in March of 2020. It turns out that dancing while wearing a Bernie Sanders campaign shirt attracts a lot of publicity during an election year. 

Despite her viral popularity, Neekolul’s first TikTok only has around 200 fan comments, compared to nearly 4,000 for her “Oki Doki Boomer” video. 

After her viral hit, Neekolul was scrutinised. 

Neekolul became the subject of intense criticism after her song “Oki Doki Boomer” went viral and fans online and in the mass media took notice. Fans were quick to condemn Neeko for everything, including information about her personal life, and her comment sections were often heated. 

In an article about women on the internet, Vice’s Gita Jackson addressed some of the criticism Neeko received. Jackson also contrasted Neeko to other young celebrities who have faced media backlash, such as Britney Spears. Young women are judged for their acts by both men and women, and Jackson urged people to “let the ‘OK Boomer’ girl live.” 

Neekolul reportedly lost tens of thousands of followers after revealing that she had a boyfriend, according to multiple reports. However, Neekolul explained on Sodapoppin’s podcast that she lost followers due to a temporary Twitter ban, not the mention of her boyfriend. “The whole [follower] loss thing isn’t real,” Neeko explained. She clarified that when people lose their Twitter accounts, their numbers will plummet due to a bug in Twitter’s code rather than a shift in followers. Of course, the incident’s perception continues to be that Neeko lost followers because she was no longer on the market. 

Neekolul joins the 100 Thieves crew and succeeds. 

In 2020, Neekolul joined the massively popular competitor streamer group 100 Thieves, successfully channelling her sudden celebrity into what she had always wanted to do: gaming and content development. The team was overjoyed to have Neeko join them, and they posted videos announcing her arrival. 

In one video, members of the 100 Thieves engaged in a prank war with one another, culminating in the announcement that Neekolul would be joining the gang. Neeko explained that she’d been assisting the community behind the scenes for several months and that joining seemed like a logical next step.

Neekolul explained in a more serious interview that she wanted to join 100 Thieves because she liked the idea of someone playing a character, or rather a heightened version of themselves. Since Neeko is painfully nervous and takes a long time to warm up to people, thinking of her job as a success helps her. Though Neeko “plays” herself, she claims that when she streams, she exaggerates some aspects of her personality, becoming even more herself. Making friends in 100 Thieves was difficult at first for Neeko, but she soon blended in with the gang. 

With 100 Thieves, Neeko hits a larger audience. 

With 100 Thieves, Neeko continued to work hard to develop her brand. Neekolul said in a playful interview with 100 Thieves intern JHBT that when she went viral, people didn’t believe in her and thought her success was purely coincidental. 

Neeko chose Scott Pilgrim vs. the World as the best movie to explain her life when JHBT asked. “I feel like when all this stuff happened to me a lot of people were, like, really shocked, because it was super unexpected and like, who is this person, and it felt like no one really believed in me,” Neeko said.

In 100 Thieves, Neeko has managed to put in long hours. Neeko aided 100 Thieves in the launch of their “No Camping” streetwear line in 2020. Neeko filmed a TikTok to share with her vast audience, modelling the clothes and using a famous TikTok song to help promote the clothes. Influencers like Neeko make all the difference in terms of ads as content creators continue at look to merchandise as a way to increase sales and attract more followers. Neeko will reach more potential customers than 100 Thieves could alone, thanks to her built-in fanbase and snazzy TikTok skills. 

Cooking with Neeko 

Neekolul is getting more comfortable with being herself and exploring all aspects of her life, including cooking, now that she has a huge following. Sure, Neeko still dances and plays League of Legends, but she’s also having a good time in the kitchen and teaching fans some valuable life lessons. 

Neeko made a couple of exciting, internet-worthy dishes in her first cooking stream. Both sweet treats were, of course, adorable. Neeko took on a Japanese fruit sandwich as well as turtle-shaped conchas, a tasty Mexican bread with a unique sugary coating. Neeko later cooked an elaborate menu of sweets, including Fruity Pebbles marshmallow treats, a s’mores bar, cheesecake strawberry bites, and churro flan, during a later stream. 

Neekolul’s cooking streams often involve mukbang components, in which Neeko eats what she cooks on screen while answering fan questions in the talk. Mukbangs, for the uninitiated, usually involve an individual eating on screen while conversing with their audience. These videos have an audio-visual experience similar to ASMR that some people enjoy. Though Neeko doesn’t call these segments of the stream mukbangs, they have a lot in common in terms of aesthetics, and fans enjoy chatting with their favourite streamer at the end of a long cooking session. 

Neekolul has proven to be a successful businesswoman.

Courtesy: Know Your Meme

Since joining 100 Thieves, Neekolul hasn’t sat on her laurels. She continues to expand her brand by working on various ventures and partnering with well-known businesses. Neeko has partnered with advertisers who fund 100 Thieves in addition to her work on the 100 Thieves “No Camping” clothing line. 

Neeko earned support from well-known 100 Thieves-endorsed brands such as Rocket Mortgage and JBL in one cooking stream. Despite the fact that the stream has nothing to do with the brands, Neeko’s large audience provides a good platform for advertisers to get their name out there. 

Neeko has also partnered with advertisers to promote giveaways and items on her personal accounts. Neeko encouraged her followers to enter a giveaway for a free Backbone in one of her tweets. She marketed a new phone in another. Neeko also collaborated with Rockstar Energy and CD Projekt to launch a Cyberpunk 2077 giveaway. 

Neeko is able to raise money when doing what she loves: working with 100 Thieves and creating amazing content, thanks to her work with brands. Neekolul is one of the few viral TikTok stars who has been able to transform a viral video into a wider, devoted fan base. She will, without a doubt, continue to bring joy to many people.


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