The Bluff: Release Date, Plot, Cast and Preview

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The Bluff an all-new and action drama is announced by Netflix. As per reports, the film is listed among Netflix big-budget projects. What interesting is that the film will be starting with well-known actress Zoe Saldana. Famous sibling director duo Joe Russo and Anthony Russo, who have taken the production job in hand. More to this it will be Frank E. Flowers directing the storyline. Frank is listed among popular directors and also in 2004 he previously worked with Saldana for Haven. 

It’s Joe Bellarani along with Flowers appointed as co-writers for the film screenplay. And in the production job, it’s Saldana sisters who will be working along with the Russo brothers. As per reports Joe Russo and Anthony along with Angela Russo and Mike Larocca will be working together to make this film for their production company name AGBO. On the other hand, Zoe’s sisters Cisely Saldana and Mariel reportedly working as a production team for Cinestar, their production company. 

The Bluff: Plot

The exact storyline of the film is not yet revealed, but it reported that it will be revolving around the life of pirates in the Caribbean. It’s also been confirmed from many sources that the film is going to be exploring the life in the 1800s in the Cayman Islands. Spoiler Alert- Zoe Saldana is all ser be seen playing the role of a Caribbean woman named Ercell. Later her identity was disclosed after the island got overrun by ferocious buccaneers.

It’s been said that the movie will be a complete mixture of action, thrill, adventure and historical fiction. The film might hit a huge fanbase because it will be focusing on the strong female-led hyper-action extravaganza. 

The Bluff: Cast

Apart from Saldana, there’s no confirmation about other cast members of the film. This because the complete script of the film is yet not finished and depending upon the storyline the cast of the film will be selected. 

As of now, nothing can be said with surety about the cast and their roles. We have a wait a bit more for a clear confirmation from the production team.

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The Bluff: Release Date

The incomplete script will take a lot more time and work. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the production was stopped and was resumed recently. However, it might take 1-2 years more to hit the theatres that means the release date to float in the year 2022 or in 2023.

This is all we know about the upcoming film The Bluff. For more updates or suggestions regarding this feel free to contact us.


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