The Boss Baby 2: All About Innocent Fun


Directed by Tom McGrath and produced by Jeff Hermann, The Boss Baby 2 is an American animated comedy. This 3D computer animation movie is by far and large based on the Marla Frazee’s picture book of 2010 and has the same name. 

The movie is produced by DreamWorks Animation and distributed by Universal Pictures. The Boss Baby 2 is a movie made in succession to the movie made in 2017 which will be released on March 26th 2021 in United States by Universal Pictures.

 Season one was a big hit with a collection of 528 million USD. Netflix had streamed season one as Boss Baby with a premiere in April 2018. It’s a must watch in case you have missed out. The Voice Cast will be of Alec Baldwin as Theodore Templeton / Boss Baby who is a baby with mind and thoughts of an adult and works at Baby Corp. 

The Boss Baby 2: All About Innocent Fun

Alec was heard in season one as well and has reprised his role in season two. The Netflix show Boss Baby Back in Business, will have voice of JP Karlik. It was decided on May 17 2019 that Tom McGrath will direct the movie and Jeff Hermann, whose credits include BilbyBird Karma, and Marooned, will produce the second season. 

Because of the world being affected by Corona Virus Pandemic and most of the making went on remote front, this project too was done remotely on May 8 2020. The story moves around a seven-year-old boy who gets introduced to a baby as his kid brother. 

The baby is an adopted child of the family. Soon the seven-year-old Tim realizes that the little baby can talk and think like adults. The kid then introduces himself and the story builds on from there. Season two should continue from where season one concluded. As of now there are no trailers and teasers shared by either the channel or the production house so nothing much is known about season two. We are sure soon we will get to see them.

That’s all from the series news. We will get back to you with more interesting news and gossip of entertainment world. Till then stay safe and stay at home.


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