The Bosses Of The Show Explains Nancy Drew’s Love Triangle Twist

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Nancy Drew’s second season finale featured drama in the romance department, as well as a surprise for ‘Nace’ fans.

Nancy Drew’s Love Triangle Twist

Many people had hoped for Nancy (Kennedy McMann) and Ace (Alex Saxon) to be together, and though the season finale saw Nancy leave Gil (Praneet Akilla) and realise her emotions for Ace, when she went to his residence, she was met with a significant obstacle.

“You’ve just missed Ace if you’re looking for him. He and Amanda are off on a romantic road trip “Ace’s mother informed Nancy, thus establishing a love triangle between Nancy, Ace, and Amanda (Aadila Dosani).

Source: TV Insider

TVLine spoke with showrunners Melinda Hsu Taylor and Noga Landau about the narrative and Nancy and Ace’s chances, and it looks like there is still hope for the duo.

“This is exactly what we’ve been saying,” Landau said. “In our writers’ room, Team ‘Nace’ is still going strong. We make ensure that you see just enough of them to be pleased without being bombarded with the full meal at once.”

“There are also folks on Team ‘Acemanda,’ just for the record,” Taylor continued. [Laughter] We also adore the Bobbseys.

“Scheduling and plot real estate may prevent us from seeing them again for a moment when we enter season 3, but they are very much in the landscape and on people’s minds.”

The programme was renewed for a third season in February, and a spin-off series centred on Tom Swift, portrayed by Tian Richards, is in the works.

There has been no word on whether The CW would order the spin-off to series, although The Hollywood Reporter recently stated that it is “still in contention” at the network.

Nancy Drew is broadcast on The CW in the United States.

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