The boys are taking us back to college

'The Boys' Spinoff Set at a College for Supes in the Works at Amazon
'The Boys' Spinoff Set at a College for Supes in the Works at Amazon

College life is one of those times which every individual would love to cherish forever. From making new friends on the first day to getting accustomed to new subject new ways of life getting exposure to new ideals going through several Upson downs and finally making strong bonds and crying on bidding farewell it all becomes a family.

Taking a break now from the regular hustle and Buster it would be fabulous if we got a chance to relive those days and I think Amazon Prime Video has well thought over this wish of ours.

 So, the big news is, it is developing a spinoff of its anti-superhero series where the boys will be going to college. Show runner Craig Rosenberg says that the series is set at a Vought International run American University. The series mainly aims to capture young adult audiences and is exclusively for young adult superheroes.

Critics are of the view that it is of the types of part college two and part Hunger Games, With all hearts, satire and runt of the boys.

It will carve out the story of the lives of hormonal, competitive supes Who will put their physical, psychological and sexual boundaries for trials to get the best contracts for them in the most important towns.

The most positive outlook here is that the production is happy because it is receiving immense popularity and viewership success. The audience is almost doubled in numbers at the launch of the spinoff show then what it was for the original story.

This is amusing, isn’t it?

We can only keep adding more love to it.

After all our desires of getting back to our youth and all the vibes pertaining to college days Will also be fulfilled.


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