A Cameo played by the Soldier boy in ‘The Boys’ has made the headlines. He has delivered a warning to the Seven’s superhero PSA after being invading him. 

‘The Boys’ is an American superhero web series which has the prime list and has challenged big rating shows from Netflix. We have always seen superheroes are given the power to do good deeds but what if they turn into a villain. 

That’s what you will find when you watch the series.

All you need to know

The showrunner of ‘The Boys’ Eric Kripke has made a statement that he has planned everything for at least the next five seasons of the show and it seems like that. 

In season 1, we saw how Hughie was introduced into the dark underworld by Billi Butcher and the boys, the underworld of superhero culture. It all happened after Hughie’s girlfriend was killed brutely by the Supe-A-train. 

As everything was planned well, season two introduce us the Vought International who makes supes illegally. The boys expose the Vought and achieve the determination they have made in season one. Happiness brings pains too. Everything they made still went in vain. 

It all ended with the death of Becca Butcher with Stormfront burns with a crisp and it was finally revealed behind whom these exploding heads were working.  

Home lander and the Seven have understood that things have become chaotic recently. They consider a lower number of supes responsible. The world needs more supes to end the chaos.

Here, our superheroes are introducing their cold heart to the viewers saying that heroes are murderers. If they are the villain in your eyes, they are gonna kill you. 

Here you can watch the entire PSA courtesy of entertainment weekly,

The plan is all set for the third season of the show. We will see Jensen Ackles playing soldier boy in season three as the PSA has tied up the first two seasons and they have done a great job. Hughie and the boys are still left with a lot of works. 

In last season it looked like the group is separating but that was just part of the plan. Now Home lander is being blackmailed by the queen Maeve. CIA has taken Ryan far from the Vought to ensure his safety. 

Whereas Hughie has no idea for whom he is working and Butcher left with nothing after Becca. Furthermore, Erika has left a lot of space for the sequel.


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