The Boys’ monster penis raises some BIG questions about superhero junk



  • The Boys season 2 episode 6 has a surprise for the fans, and it is a big gigantic one.
  • The new season has taken their dark comedy to another level where the Homelander shows off his penis.
  • It became huge after a secret experiment performed by Vought.

Inside Story

It seems like The Boys is obsessed with their junk. And if you have watched the season 1, then you already know the part where the guy’s penis gets frozen and breaks off while having intercourse with Ice Queen.

It reminded us of the phrase from Game of Thrones ‘Winter is Coming’. Now that you have read it, you cannot unread it. This show has given a whole new meaning to this phrase.

Season 1 wasn’t enough, and now, the showrunners have dropped the second season. Viewers saw Homelander showing off his mighty fellow, aka his genitalia. We can compare that to a might flagpole.

The sixth episode showed The Boys are going on a road trip to Sage Grove Hospital. There, they find out that Vought is experimenting with the V-compound on adults.

The results are very shocking, and the ones who survive the test either come out disfigured or traumatized. Later on, the Lamplighter kills them to erase their traces of the experiment.

During the jail breakout, all sorts of monsters get released, which also includes a giant anaconda penis. It tries to choke Mother’s Milk. When Karl Urban said that season 2 would be a ‘testament to the sick mind’, he was not joking. 

Laz Alonso tried to warn the viewers, but looking back at the previous season, viewers knew that something big and meaty would pop out in season 2. Have you seen a show where the character has more meaty sausage than at a meat shop?

Viewers’ imaginations are running wild after the premiere of the sixth episode. Who would know what kind of thing these superheroes are hiding under those signature spandex suits?

Mostly, comics do not show nude images of superheroes due to young audiences. Moreover, it does not add much to the story, so they avoid it. However, things are way different for the onscreen superheroes. Coming back to The Boys, it recently showed how both genders could develop body dysmorphia.

The craziness was lacking when Mother’s Milk fought off a wild anaconda penis snake. Sources reveal that the series reflects our society’s issues right back at us with sensitivity and nuance. And this isn’t the first where the superhero junk got displayed on the TV screen.


Gone are the days when superhero shows were less adult. But series like The Boys is great if you want to have a good laugh and enjoy the action as well. If you haven’t watched season 2 yet that shows superhero junk, then you are missing the fun.

You can now stream episodes of season 2 on Amazon Prime Video. You will find a new episode each on every Friday on the same platform. 

Stay tuned for further news about the show.


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