The Boys: Rankings of the 10 Couples from Best to Worst


The Boys is popular for its outrageous superhero drama. A few couples are coming out with the best in the show. The Boys focused on the couples and the drama, however, makes a way to think about other things too. 

The second season of the program started within a few days. The Amazon Series “The Boys” had already made couples a few of them are good while others look toxic. Best to Worst 10 Couples from The Boys are: 

Hughie and Annie

Being the youngest couple in The Boys, Hughie and Annie are not every time together, however, still care for each other. Their presence makes others feel comfortable. Hughie is the cementing block between the rest of the boys and Annie.

Robin and Hughie

As the first couple appeared in The Boys is Robin and Hughie. The audiences do not get many moments of the couple together. They have a few interactions. While they seem to have been with each other for a long time it certainly shows that Hughie is in love with Robin.

Billy and Becca

Becca and Billy are trying to rekindle their relationship. However, these two are a perfect example of a relationship going in the wrong way. Billy believed that his wife was raped and killed by the Homelander eight years ago.

Soon, he found Becca who is with Homelander’s child. Still, his wife is not willing to leave the child while Becca is in love with her husband.

Elena and Queen Maeve 

Queen Maeve was once in a relationship with the Homelander, however, he is not someone she has loved the most. This honor goes to her former girlfriend named Elena. 

Popclaw and A-Train 

The relationship between them marks a clear line between the bad couples who are in the show. A-Train determined to keep his love affair secret who is worried about his position in the Seven teams. He grieved after killing Popclaw for several months. 

Deep and Starlight 

Starlight confesses her love feelings for Deep. However, Deep manipulates the feelings of her and leaves her alone. The encounter between them is a one-time factor. 

Becca and Homelander 

Most of the relationships between Becca Butcher and Homelander occurred off-screen. They had no romantic union between them. Becca showed the bad side of Homelander who raped her. She presented Homelander as evil in front of her husband Billy. 

Homelander & Queen Maeve

By the start of The Boys series, Homelander and Queen Maeve broke their relationship. Still, Homelander wants to be with Maeve. The queen is looking for someone else in her life. 

Stillwell & Homelander

Stillwell’s relationship with Homelander looked unclear. It is a kind of twisted relationship between the couple. The two of them combined as a strange mix appearing onscreen. 

Stormfront & Homelander

Homelander and Stormfront have violent tendencies when they are alone. It can be speculated that the couple may not have the perfect relationship in near future.

Watch the latest episodes of “The Boys” to get the new updates about the best to worst couples appearing in the show. 


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