Showrunner Eric Kripke guarantees that The Boys Season 3 will come with a notorious comic scene, but many more sequences will be added. Soldier Boy (Jensen Ackles) and Homelander (Antony Starr).

The hit Amazon show in Kripke is based on the adult comic book series by Garth Ennis and Darick’s Robertson, which just wrapped up season 2 last weekend. Fans began waiting almost immediately for season 3, now in written phases.

The kids left a few big story files for the next season, but viewers including new characters were enthusiastic about these resolutions.

What more we know about it?

Jensen Ackles had already dropped supernatural star before Season 2, when he introduced the original Vought superhero, the soldier boy, to Season 3. Soldier Boy is a hero who looks like joining the Seven in the comic books and is bumbling.

He just needs to join the popular super-team so badly that he is having sex with his chief, Homelander. Since Ackles had been revealed as Soldier Boy, fans wondered if the TV show The Boys would have his plot.

They have their reply now, finally. During a social media question and answer session, Kripke explored whether the boys contained a troubling relationship between soldier Boy and homeland.

A Soldier Boy / Homelander with the sex scene is not going to be, said Kripke. Yet he has admitted to the fans one thing of great importance: A Herogasm is going to be there in season 3.

Heroism is an experience Vought-sponsored by The Boys Comics series, which includes superheroes from all over tough drugs, from sex to serious debauchery. It needs to be seen how this will take place in season 3, but given that Amazon doesn’t censor any aspect of season 2, it’s fair to presume that it will be as R-rated as it looks.

Some people may be disappointed that the comics of Homelander und Soldier Boy won’t make it into the show, but the situation around it may be quite dark. Instead, the boys should respect their original content by using Herogasm.


It can also be a new way to discover the increasingly growing world of The Boys. The artworks already have a university theme, and Kripke has plans for at least five The Boys seasons. Given the extremely positive response to season 2, fans will be happy to hear it. As foolish as he is, the universe of boys has plenty of stories to tell.


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