The Boys showrunner says [spoiler] is ‘Not at all dead’


Hey readers! Season 2 of The Boys was released last week and was turned out to be an epic piece by the entertainment industry. All characters played their part in maintaining their status quo. The ending was very smooth that just won without getting any punches from critics. 

The maker of the show, an American writer, Eric Kripke has given spoilers regarding its final season. The spoiler is about Stormfront. So, if you want to avoid spoilers, then don’t scroll further.

Eric Kripte’s spoiler

He revealed that Stormfront (Aya Cash), a faithful Nazi Origin who disguised herself as a social media star, was not dead at the end of season 2. He only gave a hint of the possible existence of her in the future season. He didn’t confirm that Stormfront will exist but he hinted that she is not off the table. 

He tweeted and revealed that she is not dead. She is powerful. The theories of viewers are right about her death but the thing is she was one of those who age very slowly. She was a warrior and was very loyal to her Nazi community. And for all those who thought that she is gone forever, they are wrong.

The ending of season 2: 

Something about Stormfront

She was starred in season 2 itself and was the biggest threat to The Boys and The Homelander. She was the only one who bribed The Homelander (which already he was) and brought him beneath her umbrella. She was killed by his son, Ryan at the end with his laser eyes while protecting his mom Becca. At last, she was shown with her legs and arms chopped off along with burn marks on her body. The state of her confirmed that she died. Sigh!!!

But the thing is they didn’t show the last rites of Stormfront or her last breath. It is still suspense about her life. 

This was Stormfront and she was the iconic beauty to die for. The beauty with brains and evil heart and this was a complicated combination!!


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