The Boys: The Church of the Collective forsakes a sure- but why?


As we all know about the American television series, The Boys has released its second season which was premiered on 4 September 2020. 

It revolves around the life of two groups of superpowered individuals- The Seven and The Eponymous Boys. 

They are considered a hero by the general public but in reality, they are corrupt and arrogant. You can enjoy this amazing series on Prime Videos and Amazon Studios. 

Season 1 focuses on The Seven which works for Vought International. The group is headed by Billy Butcher. But now, season 2 is focussing on the danger which is emerging in the background-

‘The Church of the Collective’ which is anthropology that knows the low-points of people and tries to manipulate and recruit supe for the wrong purpose. 

Two former members of ‘The Seven’ are already recruited by The Church of the Collective.

Season 2 is sounding more exciting then season 1!! Right?

To get the reviews- for season 1 and for season 2

Eagle the Archer is not a member of ‘The Seven’ but is sure of The Church of the Collective. He was first seen in the premiere of season 2,” The Big Ride”. 

Eagle had convinced Aquatic Superhero to be a part of organization by realising the past obligations. He convinced The Deep to become the member and afterward, The Deep convinced A-train and the chain built. 

In “Butcher, Baker, Candlestick Maker”, The Deep and A-train organized the birthday party of Alastair Adana, Church’s leader.

During the celebration, Adana tried to know about the views the two superheroes have about Eagle the Archer but when The Deep told that Eagle was his friend, then Adana revealed that Eagle was no longer into the organization’s good books considering Eagle as a traitor.

It is too bad that Adana didn’t even want to know Eagle’s side of the story.

During his birthday celebration, he confronted The Vought leader where he revealed his intention of getting both the superheroes back in The Seven. Now Adana planned to plant The Deep and A-train into the Vought and takeover it.

Ans the good news for The Boys’ fan- Season 3 is on the way of development!!!


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