The Boys Theory: Why Butcher Is More Wicked Than In The Comics


So far, fans are loving every character in Amazon Prime’s The Boys series. But for some odd reasons, Billy Butcher, played by Karl Urban, is mostly loved for his anti-social, humor timing, and viscousness in the series. 

When we compared both the original comic book series’ and Amazon’s character, we found that both of them are slightly different. Let us find out what makes The Boys Butcher different from his character in the comic book.

Butcher is more like Homelander

In the 7th episode of season 2, it got revealed that Urban’s version of Butcher has a darker past than the Butcher in the comic series. So this makes him more like Homelander in the series.

Butcher’s nature in The Boys

The Boys writer Garth Ennis says that Billy Butcher is his favorite character among all the characters. The main reason for his fondness towards the characters is because despite being a hardened murderer, he has a genial nature.

Fans might find it strange, but Ennis’ original plan for the Butcher in the series lacked humor. And in the series, the role played by Karl Urban is more disagreeable and dour towards his allies.

Butcher’s relationship with his father

In the second season, we saw Butcher’s mom (Lesley Nicol) and his dad (John Noble). He got tricked into a visit by his mom, who prayed that her son might lose his anger after seeing his sick father. Sadly, Butcher is still not ready to forgive his father, and this makes him different from the character in the comics.

Butcher’s family life is way different in the comics and The Boys

Till now, nothing much has been revealed about Butcher’s family in The Boys series. While in the comics, his mother left his father.

If we take a look at the comic book mini-series Butcher, Baker, Candlestick Maker, we could see the opposite side of Butcher, where he returns for his father’s funeral and goes to his old neighborhood. He also thinks back about his father’s influence on his life.

The six-issue storyline ends with the character paying his respects to his father.

Billy Butcher was the oldest son of his abusive father. He had a younger brother Lenny who stopped him from fighting back with their dad. Or else, Billy would have killed his dad and go to prison, leaving his mother and brother on their own.

Lenny was the only one to calm him down, but he was a hit by a bus and died. After his brother’s and his wife’s death, he began to vent out his anger in the world and became more vicious.


Many TV series adaptations have a different story from its book, and The Boys is no different. The series itself began with a different plot than the comics version. The Boys series is currently airing on Amazon Prime. If you have read the comics, then make sure to watch the series as well. Also, if haven’t watched the trailer of the second season, then here it is.

Come back soon for more information about the series.


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