The Brain That Wouldn’t Die (2020): A Review


This horror film is a remake of the 1962 film of the same name. Even the plot and time period of the film is about the same with just a few changes. This makes the film be more of a spoof and less of a highbrow remake. To be honest, this film would not even classify as a “horror” today, unless you are not the type of person who watches horror films for the thrill it provides.


The plot of the movie follows a doctor Bill who usually prefers to carry out unorthodox methods to save his patient’s life. When his girlfriend, Jan, meets with an accident which decapitates her, Bill somehow preserves just her head. And hence, the title. 

The possibility of such a thing happening might have been considered a long shot in the 60s when sci-fi was still reaching its highest highs with the long stride’s science was making back then, such as stepping on the moon.

 And now in 2020, we have come a long way with respect to the common public’s understanding of science. So we now know that it is not possible for a human head to survive on its own. This, somehow, makes the way less scary.

This movie has a satirical undertone to it. It almost mocks how the 1960s people thought about science and their social dynamic. And this makes the movie (or rather a spoof of the original) a must-watch.

You can watch the trailer of the movie here-

The movie is not available for purchase now as it is being screened only at the Horrible Imaginings Film Festival. You will be able to get the movie by next year.

Hope you found the review useful and entertaining!

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